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The Accidental Captives: The Story of Seven Women Alone in Nazi Germany
    by Carolyn Gossage  2011   224pp  isbn-10#1848859910; isbn-13#978-1848859913
    ebook: File Size: 1898kb Print Length: 225pages
All On Her Own: Stories of Canadian Navy Wives
    by Dianne Taylor  2011   ??pp  isbn-13#978-1894208024
L' Alouette en Guerre: La 425e Escadrille, 1939-1945
    by Bill Rawling  2011   ??pp  isbn-10#2922865894; isbn-13#978-2922865899
The American Invasion of Canada: The War 1812's First Year
    by Pierre Berton  2011   368pp  isbn-10#1616083352; isbn-13#978-1616083359
As You Were (explosion on a CFB Valcartier, 1974)
    by Gerry Fostaty  2011   200pp  isbn-10#0864926480; isbn-13#978-0864926487
    ebook: File Size: 584kb Print Length: 198pages
The Astonishing General: The Life and Legacy of Sir Isaac Brock
    by Wesley Turner  2011   248pp  isbn-10#1554887771; isbn-13#978-1554887774
The Avro Arrow: A Picture History
    by Lawrence Miller  2011   128pp  isbn-10#1552778959; isbn-13#978-1552778951
Avro Arrow
Bamboo Cage: The P.O.W. Diary of Flight Lieutenant Robert Wyse, 1942-1943
    by Jonathan Vance  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2690kb Print Length: 146pages
THE BANTAMS: The Untold Story Of World War One
    by Sidney Allinson  2011
    ebook: File Size: 1857kb Print Length: 307pages
Battle Cries in the Wilderness: The Struggle for North America in the Seven Years' War
    by Bernd Horn  2011   120pp  isbn-10#1554889197; isbn-13#978-1554889198
Battle History 666
    edited by A.B. Stewart  2011
    ebook: File Size: 1004kb Print Length: ??pages
Bayonets and Blobsticks: The Canadian Experience of Close Combat 1915-1918
    by Aaron Taylor Miedema  2011   236pp  isbn-10#0978465296; isbn-13#978-0978465292
    ebook: File Size: 1388kb Print Length: 252pages
Bear Child: The Life and Times of Jerry Potts
    by Rodger Touchie  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2324kb Print Length: 240pages
Best O'Luck; How a Fighting Canadian Won the Thanks of Britain's King
    by Alexander McClintock  2011
    ebook: File Size: 383kb Print Length: 182pages
The Bitter Harvest of War: New Brunswick and the Conscription Crisis of 1917
    by Andrew Theobald  2011
    ebook: File Size: 3342kb Print Length: 120pages
Blackouts to Bright Lights: Canadian War Bride Stories: Canadian War Brides Stories
    by Barbara Ladouceur, Phyllis Spence  2011
    ebook: File Size: 1507kb Print Length: 314pages
War Brides
Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917
    by Sally Walker  2011   160pp  isbn-10#0805089454; isbn-13#978-0805089455
    ebook: File Size: 2292kb Print Length: 160pages
Breaking the Silence: Veterans' Untold Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan
    by Ted Barris  2011   304pp  isbn-10#0887628052; isbn-13#978-0887628054
Breakout From Juno
    by Mark Zuehlke  2011   480pp  isbn-10#1553653254; isbn-13#978-1553653257
    ebook: File Size: 2813kb Print Length: 496pages
Juno Beach
A Bridge of Ships: Canadian Shipbuilding during the Second World War
    by James Pritchard  2011   438pp  isbn-10#0773538240; isbn-13#978-0773538245
British Generals in the War of 1812: High Command in the Canadas
    by Wesley Turner  2011   288pp  isbn-10#077353931X; isbn-13#978-0773539310
A Call to the Colours: Tracing Your Canadian Military Ancestors
    by Kenneth Cox  2011   192pp  isbn-10#1554888646; isbn-13#978-1554888641
Canada and Chemical Warfare 1939-1945
    by Christopher Robin Paige  2011   116pp  isbn-10#1926635566; isbn-13#978-1926635569
Canada, the United States and War: Twentieth-Century Conflict, Memory and National Identity
    by Robert Teigrob  2011   384pp  isbn-10#1442612509, 1442644087; isbn-13#978-1442612501, 978-1442644083
Canada's Army: Waging War and Keeping the Peace
    by J.L. Granatstein  2011   688pp  isbn-10#1442611782; isbn-13#978-1442611788
Canada's Road to the Pacific War: Intelligence, Strategy, and the Far East Crisis
    by Timothy Wilford  2011   288pp  isbn-10#0774821213; isbn-13#978-0774821216
Canada's Soldiers in South Africa: Tales from the Boer War, 1899-1902
    by John Boileau  2011   128pp  isbn-10#1552777251; isbn-13#978-1552777251
Boer War
Canadian Army Trophy
    by Kn Tr Benoit  2011   132pp  isbn-10#613583634X; isbn-13#978-6135836349
Canadian Battlefields 1915–1918: A Visitor’s Guidee
    by Terry Copp, Matt Symes, Nick Lachance  2011   130pp  isbn-10#1926804112; isbn-13#978-1926804118
The Canadian Battlefields in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany: A Visitor’s Guide
    by Terry Copp, Mike Bechthold  2011   160pp  isbn-10#1926804023; isbn-13#978-1926804026
The Canadian Battlefields in Northern France: A Visitor’s Guide
    by Terry Copp, Mike Bechthold  2011   160pp  isbn-10#1926804015; isbn-13#978-1926804019
Canadian Forces: An Historical Salute to Those on the Front Line
    by Art Montague  2011   208pp  isbn-10#1926916093; isbn-13#978-1926916095
The Canadian Fuhrer: The Life of Adrien Arcand
    by Nadeau Jean-François  2011   400pp  isbn-10#1552779041; isbn-13#978-1552779040
The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years' War
    by Peter MacLeod  2011   248pp  isbn-10#1554889774; isbn-13#978-1554889778
The Canadian Navy and Domestic Maritime Enforcement
    by Laurence Hickey  2011   464pp  isbn-10#1896440649; isbn-13#978-1896440644
Canadian Warbirds of the Post-War Piston Era
    by Harold Skaarup  2011
    ebook: File Size: 3191kb Print Length: 136pages
Canadians at War: The Battlefields of World War I
    by Susan Shaw   2011   224pp  isbn-10#0864926545; isbn-13#978-0864926548
Les Canadiens au Secours de L'Europe
    by R. Desquesnes  2011   112pp  isbn-10#2815100290; isbn-13#978-2815100298
Captain Fitz: FitzGibbon, Green Tiger of the War of 1812
    by Enid Mallory  2011   176pp  isbn-10#1459701186; isbn-13#978-1459701182
Captain Roy Brown: The Definitive Biography, Including His Encounter with the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen
    by Alan Bennett  2011   350pp  isbn-10#1883283566; isbn-13#978-1883283568
The Capture of Louisbourg, 1758
    by Hugh Boscawen  2011   408pp  isbn-10#0806141557; isbn-13#978-0806141558
Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides
    by Melynda Jarratt  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2986kb Print Length: 148pages
War Brides
Cartographies of Violence: Japanese Canadian Women, Memory, and the Subjects of the Internment
    by Mona Oikawa  2011   432pp  isbn-10#0802099017, 0802096018; isbn-13#978-0802099013, 978-0802096012
Cold War Fighters: Canadian Aircraft Procurement, 1945-54
    by Randall Wakelam  2011   224pp  isbn-10#0774821485; isbn-13#978-0774821483
Cold War Soldier: Life on the Front Lines of the Cold War
    by Terry "Stoney" Burke  2011   304pp  isbn-10#1554889596; isbn-13#978-1554889594
Confessions of a War Bride
    by Doris Paterson  2011   240pp  isbn-13#978-1426989582
War Brides
Corps Commanders: Five British and Canadian Generals at War, 1939-1945
    by Douglas Delaney  2011   384pp  isbn-10#0774820896; isbn-13#978-0774820899
The Courage of the Early Morning: A Biography of Billy Bishop, the Great Ace of World War I
    by William Arthur Bishop  2011   256pp  isbn-10#0887627390; isbn-13#978-0887627392
The Cowboy Cavalry: The Story of the Rocky Mountain Rangers
    by Gordon Tolton  2011   256pp  isbn-10#1926936027; isbn-13#978-1926936024
    ebook: File Size: 1764kb Print Length: 264pages
D-Day 1944: Gold & Juno Beaches: Gold and Juno Beaches
    by Ken Ford  2011
      ebook: File Size: 2953kb Print Length: 96pages
Juno Beach
D-Day to Carpiquet: The North Shore Regiment and the Liberation of Europe
    by Marc Milner  2011
      ebook: File Size: 2832kb Print Length: 138pages
The Damned: The Canadians at the Battle of Hong Kong and the POW Experience, 1941-45
    by Nathan Greenfield  2011   496pp  isbn-10#1554682207; isbn-13#978-1554682201
Hong Kong
Death or Victory: The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of an Empire
    by Dan Snow  2011   560pp  isbn-10#0143055968; isbn-13#978-0143055969
Defence and Discovery: Canada?s Military Space Program, 1945-74
    by Andrew Godefroy  2011   240pp  isbn-10#0774819596; isbn-13#978-0774819596
Destruction of a Dream: The Tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow (Vol 3 Seeds of Suspicion) / L'Anéantisement d'un Rêve: La Tragédie D'Avro Canada et du CF-105 Arrow (Vol 3 Les germes de la méfiance)
    by Marc-André Valiquette  2011   ??pp  isbn10#2981155229; isbn-13#978-2981155221
Authors Site
Avro Arrow
Destruction of a Dream: The Tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow (Vol 4 Master in our own House?) / L'Anéantisement d'un Rêve: La Tragédie D'Avro Canada et du CF-105 Arrow (Vol 4 Maîtres chez soi?)
    by Marc-André Valiquette  2011   ??pp  isbn10#2981155210; isbn-13#978-2981155214
Authors Site
Avro Arrow
The Diary of an Artillery Officer
    by Arthur Hardie Bick  2011   224pp  isbn-13#978-1459700406
Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery
    edited by Iosias Jody  2011   84pp  isbn-10#6136967839; isbn-13#978-6136967837
Disaster at Dieppe: World War II's Little D-Day
    by Narayan Sengupta  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2304kb Print Length: ??pages
Écrire sa Guerre: Temoignages de Soldats Canadiens-français
    par Michel Litalien  2011   306pp  isbn-13#978-2922865967
Fighting for Afghanistan: A Rogue Historian at War
    by Sean Maloney  2011   352pp  isbn-10#1591145090; isbn-13#978-1591145097
First Canadian Army
    edited by Aaron Philippe Toll  2011   104pp  isbn-10#6137013154; isbn-13#978-6137013151
Flames Across the Border: 1813-1814
    by Pierre Berton  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2434kb Print Length: 496pages
Flashbacks: Stories from a WWII Hero
    by Arnold Naiman  2011   ??pp  isbn-13#978-0986569609
The Fog of War: Censorship of Canada's Media in World War II
    by Mark Bourrie  2011   304pp  isbn-10#155470328X; isbn-13#978-1554703289
      ebook: File Size: 971kb Print Length: 344pages
For Our Old Comrades: The Story & Ephemera of the Vimy Pilgrimage, July,1936
    by N.M. Christie  2011   105pp  isbn-10#1896979750; isbn-13#1896979750
Vimy Ridge
For Your Tomorrow: The Way of an Unlikely Soldier
    by Melanie Murray  2011   272pp  isbn-10#0307359786; isbn-13#978-0307359780
    ebook: File Size: 266kb Print Length: 266pages
The Freedom of Security: Governing Canada in the Age of Counter-terrorism
    by Colleen Bell  2011   208pp  isbn-10#0774818255; isbn-13#978-0774818254
From Cold War to New Millenium: The History of The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1953-2008
    by Colonel Bernd Horn  2011   424pp  isbn-10#1554888964, 1554888972, 1554888956; isbn-13#978-1554888962, 978-1554888979, 978-1554888955
    ebook: File Size: 4684kb Print Length: 424pages
From Far and Wide: A History of Canada's Arctic Sovereignty
    by Peter Pigott  2011   256pp  isbn-10#1554889871; isbn-13#978-1554889877, 978-1554889891, 978-1459700994
From Victoria to Vladivostok: Canada's Siberian Expedition, 1917-19
    by Benjamin Isitt  2011   352pp  isbn-10#0774818026; isbn-13#978-0774818025
Gabriel Dumont: Li Chef Michif in Images and in Words
    by Darren Préfontaine  2011   433pp  isbn-10#0920915876; isbn-13#978-0920915875
The Greatest Gallantry: The Story of the Newfoundland Regiment at Monchy Le Preux
    by Anthony McAllister  2011   163pp  isbn-13#978-1926689234
Green Beach
    by James Leasor  2011
    ebook: File Size: 480kb Print Length: 288pages
Guests of the Empire Canadians in the Death Camps of Japan 1941-1945
    by Lee Gibbons  2011
    ebook: File Size: 681kb Print Length: 73pages
Hong Kong
The Halifax Explosion: Heroes and Survivors
    by Joyce Glasner  2011   128pp  isbn-10#1552779432; isbn-13#978-1552779439
Heroes of the Acadian Resistance: The Story of Joseph (Beausoleil) Broussard and Pierre Surette, 1715-1755
    by Dianne Marshall  2011   208pp  isbn-10#0887809782; isbn-13#978-0887809781, 978-0887809804
Highway of Heroes: True Patriot Love
    by Pete Fisher  2011   184pp  isbn-10#1554889715; isbn-13#978-1554889716
The History Of Canada Series:war In The St. Lawrence
    by Roger Sarty  2011   368pp  isbn-10#0670067873; isbn-13#978-0670067879
The Home Front Hopscotch and Heartache While Daddy Was at War
    by Margaret Dennis Owen  2011   208pp  isbn-13#978-1896150642
WW2/Hong Kong
Honour Roll of The 106th Overseas Battalion;Nova Scotia Rifles
    Compiled by W.James MacDonald  2011   124pp  isbn-13#978-09699231
Elder Brook Books: 82,Queen St.,Baddeck,N.S. B0E 1B0
How Canada Was Held for the Empire: The Story of the War of 1812
    by James Hannay  2011   388pp  isbn-10#1169922171; isbn-13#978-1169922174
Hurricane Pilot: The Wartime Letters of W.O. Harry L. Gill, D.F.M., 1940-1943
    edited by Brent Wilson, Barbara Gill  2011
  &  ebook: File Size: 2889kb Print Length: 146pages
D'Improbables Guerriers: Deux Canadiens dans le SOE
    par Jonathan Vance  2011   335pp  isbn-13#978-2922865950
In Times of War: Prince Rupert 1939-1945
    by Sue Harper Rowse  2011   176pp  isbn-13#978-1411639270
Indigenous Peoples of the British Dominions and the First World War
    by Timothy Winegard  2011   330pp  isbn-10#110701493X; isbn-13#978-1107014930
The Information Front: The Canadian Army and News Management during the Second World War
    by Timothy Balzer  2011   272pp  isbn-10#0774819006; isbn-13#978-0774819008
Inside Canadian Intelligence: Exposing the New Realities of Espionage and International Terrorism
    edited by Dwight Hamilton  2011   288pp  isbn-10#1554888913; isbn-13#978-1554888917
    ebook: File Size: 2250kb Print Length: 288pages
The Internment of Japanese Canadians During World War Two
    by Masako Fukawa, Pamela Hickman  2011   128pp  isbn-13#978-1552778531, 978-1552778548
The Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812
    by Ronald Dale  2011   96pp  isbn-10#1552777847; isbn-13#978-1552777848
The Invasion of Canada: 1812-1813
    by Pierre Berton  2011
    ebook: File Size: 1320kb Print Length: 368pages
Is There Life Abroad After Afghanistan? The Future of Canadian Expeditionary Operations
    edited by Ann Griffiths  2011   144pp  isbn-10#1896440657; isbn-13#978-1896440651
Journal de Guerre
    edited by J.S. Benoit Cadieux  2011   144pp  isbn-10#2896492828; isbn-13#978-2896492824
Just a Larger Family: Letters of Marie Williamson from the Canadian Home Front, 1940-1944
    edited by Tom Sharp, Mary Williamson  2011   378pp  isbn-13#978-1554582662
    ebook: File Size: 1550kb Print Length: 408pages
A Knave Among Knights in Their Spitfires
    by Jerry Billing  2011   162pp  isbn-10#0983082731; isbn-13#978-0983082736
Korea: Canada's Forgotten War
    by John Melady  2011   304pp  isbn-10#1459701321; isbn-13#978-1459701328, 978-1459701342, 978-1459701335
A Letter from Frank: An Unlikely Second World War Friendship
    by Stephen Colombo  2011   240pp  isbn-10#1554889685; isbn-13#978-1554889686
Letters from World War II Grant's Story
    edited by Barb Henderson  2011
    ebook: File Size: 4117kb Print Length: 351pages
Letters to God's Country: The First World War Letters of Alhambra venue Presbyterian Church Parishioners
    edited by Caitlin Lindsay Dyer  2011   54pp  isbn-13#??
Line In The Sand
    by Ray Wiss  2011   424pp  isbn-10#1553659260; isbn-13#978-1553659266
Du Littoral à la Mer: Histoire Officielle de la Marine royale du Canada, 1867-1939, Volume I
    de William Johnston, William Rawling, Richard Gimblett, John MacFarlane  2011   1130pp  isbn-10#155488909X; isbn-13#978-1554889099
The Lives of Conn Smythe: From the Battlefield to Maple Leaf Gardens: A Hockey Icon's Story
    edited by Kelly Mcparland  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2816kb Print Length: 384pages
The Lookout:A History of Signal Hill
    by Jim Candow  2011   250pp  isbn-10#1897174713; isbn-13#978-1897174715
The Lives of Conn Smythe: From the Battlefield to Maple Leaf Gardens: A Hockey Icon's Story
    edited by Kelly Mcparland  2011
    ebook: File Size: 422kb Print Length: 145pages
Louis Riel et Gabriel Dumont
    de Joseph Boyden  2011   ??pp  isbn-10#2764621027; isbn-13#978-2764621028
    ebook: File Size: 422kb Print Length: 145pages
Love and Duty: A Canadian Remembers the Korean War
    by Vince Courtenay  2011   475pp  isbn-10#??
Major Battles of the War of 1812
    by Gordon Clarke  2011   48pp  isbn-10#0778779602; isbn-13#978-0778779605, 978-0778779650
Major John Richardson's A Canadian Campaign: with his Recollections of the West Indies ; and, David Beasley's In search of Richardson's Spain
    by ??  2011   ??pp  isbn-13#978-0915317363
Maple Leaf Empire: Canada, Britain, and Two World Wars
    by Jonathan Vance  2011   272pp  isbn-10#019544809X; isbn-13#978-0195448092
A Matter of Honour: The Life, Campaigns and Generalship of Isaac Brock
    by Jonathon Riley  2011   352pp  isbn-10#1896941656; isbn-13#978-1896941653
Mayhem to Mayday: The Two Air Wars of Andy MacKenzie, DFC, CD
    by Norman Avery  2011   131pp  isbn-13#978-0968421123
'A Mere Matter of Marching': Americans Believed That Was All It Would Take to Add Canada to the Union. They Were Wrong
    by James Perry  2011   238pp  isbn-10#1456891839, 1456891847; isbn-13#978-1456891831, 978-1456891848
Miracles and Mysteries: The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917
    by Mary Ann Monnon  2011   144pp  isbn-10#1551098156; isbn-13#978-1551098159
More Than Meets the Eye: The Invisible Hand of SOF in Afghanistan
    by Bernd Horn  2011   39pp  isbn-13#978-1100183909
A Nation in Making,V.1: The Organization and Administration of Canada's Military in World War One
    by David Love  2011   ??pp  isbn-13#978-1894581721
Nine Hours: the Canadians at Dieppe: Wednesday, 19 August, 1942
    by William Mathieson  2011   336pp  isbn-13#978-1554526604, 978-1554526611
    ebook: File Size: 1935kb Print Length: 319pages
On to Civvy Street: Canada's Rehabilitation Program for Veterans of the Second World War
    by Peter Neary  2011   368pp  isbn-10#0773539131; isbn-13#978-0773539136
    ebook: File Size: 2877kb Print Length: 363pages
On to Victory: The Canadian Liberation of the Netherlands, March 23-May 5, 1945
    by Mark Zuehlke  2011   552pp  isbn-10#1553658132; isbn-13#978-1553658139
One Woman's War: A Canadian Reporter with the Free French
    by Gladys Arnold  2011   238pp  isbn-10#1552779580; isbn-13#978-1552779583, 978-1552779590
Orpington, Canada & The Great War
    by John Pateman  2011   240pp  isbn-13#978-1447769965
Ortona Street Fight
    by Mark Zuehlke  2011   128pp  isbn-10#1554693985; isbn-13#978-1554693986
    ebook: File Size: 1021kb Print Length: 144pages
Our Man in Tehran: Ken Taylor, the CIA and the Iran Hostage Crisis
    by Robert Wright  2011   432pp  isbn-10#1554683009; isbn-13#978-1554683000
Over the Wire: A Canadian Pilot's Memoir of War and Survival in a POW Camp
    by Andrew Carswell  2011   304pp  isbn-13#978-1118109687, 978-1118109694
Le Patriote, Jean-Baptiste Hébert
    de Pierre-Maurice Héberte  2011   ??pp  isbn-13#978-2920312456
The Patrol: Seven Days in the Life of a Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan
    by Ryan Flavelle  2011   272pp  isbn-10#1443407178; isbn-13#978-1443407175
The Pig War: The Last Canada - US Border Conflict
    by Rosemary Neering  2011   144pp  isbn-10#1926936019; isbn-13#978-1926936017
Rebels on the Great Lakes: Confederate Naval Commando Operations Launched from Canada, 1863-1864
    by John Bell  2011   288pp  isbn-10#1554889863; isbn-13#978-1554889860, 978-1459700987, 978-1554889884
The Red Watch: With the First Canadian Division in Flanders During the Great War
    by J.A. Currie  2011   260pp  isbn-10#0857066501; isbn-13#978-0857066503
Religion in the Ranks: Belief and Religious Experience in the Canadian Forces
    by Joanne Rennick  2011   224pp  isbn-13#978-1442642874
Remembering John McCrae: Soldier - Doctor - Poet
    by Linda Granfield  2011   40pp  isbn-10#0439935601; isbn-13#978-0439935609
Return Flights in War and Peace: The Flying Memoirs of Squadron Leader John Rowland
    by John Rowland  2011   256pp  isbn-10#1848844077; isbn-13#978-1848844070
Ridgeway: The American Fenian Invasion & the 1866 Battle That Made Canada
    by Peter Vronsky  2011   432pp  isbn-10#0670068039; isbn-13#978-0670068036
    ebook: File Size: 1791kb Print Length: 368pages
Riding Into War: The Memoir of a Horse Transport Driver, 1916-1919
    by James Johnston  2011
    ebook: File Size: 2928kb Print Length: 112pages
Rosie: The Biography of a Canadian Soldier
    by Rosino "Rosie" Gagliardi  2011
    ebook: File Size: 1001kb Print Length: 88pages
The Savage War: The Untold Battles of Afghanistan
    by Murray Brewster  2011   320pp  isbn-10#1118115937; isbn-13#978-1118115930, 978-1118122068, 978-1118122075, 978-1118122082
Scarce Heard Amid the Guns: An Inside Look at Canadian Peacekeeping
    by John Conrad  2011   296pp  isbn-10#1554889812; isbn-13#978-1554889815, 978-1554889822, 978-1459700963
The Seabound Coast: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1867-1939, Volume I
    by William Johnston, William Rawling, Richard Gimblett, John MacFarlane  2011   1014pp  isbn-10#1554889073; isbn-13#978-1554889075
Searching for the Forgotten War - 1812 Canada
    by Patrick Carstens, Timothy Sanford  2011   618pp  isbn-10#1453588906, 1453588914; isbn-13#978-1453588901, 978-1453588918
    ebook: File Size: 49542kb Print Length: 618pages
A Season in Hell: My 130 days in the Sahara with Al Qaeda
    by Robert Fowler  2011   320pp  isbn-10#1443402044; isbn-13#978-1443402040
    ebook: File Size: 1612kb Print Length: 342pages
Security Operations in the 21st Century: Canadian Perspectives on the Comprehensive Approach
    edited by Michael Rostek, Peter Gizewski  2011   304pp  isbn-13#978-1553393511
The Siege of Fort Beauséjour, 1755
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WW2/Hong Kong
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