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The Alaska Highway in World War II: The U.S. Army of Occupation in Canada's Northwest
    by Kenneth Coates, William Morrison  2015   336pp  isbn-10#0806151765; isbn-13#978-0806151762
All Canada in the Hands of the British: General Jeffery Amherst and the 1760 Campaign to Conquer New France
    by Douglas Cubbison  2015   304pp  isbn-10#0806148497; isbn-13#978-0806148496
All the Ship's Men: HMCS Athabaskan's Untold Stories
    edited by Sherry Pringle  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 15183kb Print Length: ??pages
Allied Power: Mobilizing Hydro-electricity during Canada's Second World War
    by Matthew Evenden  2015   288pp  isbn-10#1442648503; isbn-13#978-1442648500
Art for War and Peace: How a Great Public Art Project Helped Canada Discover Itself
    by Ian Sigvaldason, Scott Steedman  2015   240pp  isbn-10#1927018706; isbn-13#978-1927018705
Australia and Canada in Afghanistan: Perspectives on a Mission
    edited by Jack Cunningham, William Maley  2015   256pp  isbn-10#1459731255, 1442626259; isbn-13#978-1459731257, 978-1442626256
The Best Little Army In The World: The Canadians in Northwest Europe
    by J. L. Granatstein  2015   336pp  isbn-10#1443439894; isbn-13#978-1443439893
     ebook: 6701kb Print Length: 336pages
Better Off Dead: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Canadian Armed Forces
    by Fred Doucette  2015   200pp  isbn-10#1771083549; isbn-13#978-1771083546
     ebook: 4190kb Print Length: 208pages
Bomb Girls: Trading Aprons for Ammo
    by Barbara Dickson  2015   246pp  isbn-10#1459731166; isbn-13#978-1459731165
Brothers in Arms: Canadian Firefighters in England in the Second World War
    by John Leete, Brian Berringer  2015   128pp  isbn-10#1445648253; isbn-13#978-1445648255
     ebook: File Size: 8601kb Print Length: ??pages
Canada in the Great Power Game
    edited by Gwynne Dyer  2015   448pp  isbn-13#978-0307361691
Canada's Three Korean Wars: Navy, Army, Air Force, Merchant Navy
    by Bob Orrick  2015   238pp  isbn-10#1503546209, 1503546225; isbn-13#978-1503546202, 978-1503546226
     ebook: File Size: 5433kb Print Length: 199pages
Canada's WwI Boy Soldiers
    by Roger Sharpe  2015   152pp  isbn-10#1629948381; isbn-13#978-1629948386
Canadian Battlefields of the First World War: A Visitorís Guide
    by Terry Copp, Mark Humphries, Nick Lachance  2015   171pp  isbn-13#978-1926804163
Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919: Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War
    by G.W.L. Nicholson  2015   672pp  isbn-10#0773546170; isbn-13#978-0773546172
A Canadian Girl in South Africa: A Teacher's Experiences in the South African War, 1899-1902
    by E. Maud Graham  2015   228pp  isbn-10#1772120464; isbn-13#978-1772120462
     ebook: File Size: 8588kb Print Length: 264pages
Boer War
The Canadian Honours System
    by Christopher McCreery  2015   784pp  isbn-13#978-1459724150
Canadian Sniper: Francis Pegahmagabow
    edited by Eric Hilton  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 407kb Print Length: 18pages
Canadians in the American Civil War: Extracts from the St. Catharines Constitutional
    edited by Ken Scheffler  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 95kb Print Length: 45pages
Cargo of Lies: The True Story of a Nazi Double Agent in Canada
    by Dean Beeby  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 2309kb Print Length: 244pages
The Chapleau Boys Go To War
    by Michael McMullen, Michael Morris  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 20762kb Print Length: 305pages
Conflicting Visions: Canada and India in the Cold War World, 1946-76
    by Ryan Touhey  2015   320pp  isbn-10#0774829001; isbn-13#978-0774829007
December 1917: Re-visiting the Halifax Explosion
    by Janet Kitz, Joan Payzant  2015   176pp  isbn-10#1771083352; isbn-13#978-1771083355
A Dialogue in Hades: A Parallel of Military Errors, of Which the French and English were Guilty During the Campaign of 1759, in Canada
    attributed to James Johnstone  2015   66pp  isbn-10#1516987691; isbn-13#978-1516987696
A Dirty Little Skirmish
    by David MacLeod, Harold Leduc  2015   125pp  isbn-10#1926476042; isbn-13#978-1926476049
Dispatches from the Front: The Life of Matthew Halton, Canada's Voice at War
    by David Halton  2015   352pp  isbn-10#0771038208; isbn-13#978-0771038204
The Dogs Are Eating Them Now: Our War in Afghanistan
    by Graeme Smith  2015   320pp  isbn-10#0307397815; isbn-13#978-0307397812
The Embattled General: Sir Richard Turner and the First World War
    by William Stewart  2015   396pp  isbn-10#0773546251; isbn-13#978-0773546257
     ebook: 5216kb Print Length: 408pages
Fight to the Finish: Canadians in the Second World War, 1944-1945
    by Tim Cook  2015   608pp  isbn-13#978-0670067688
Fighting in Flanders: Gas. Mud. Memory
    by Melanie Morin-Pelletier  2015   108pp  isbn-13#978-0660203065
The First Five-Hundred: The Royal Newfoundland Regiment in Galipoli and on the Western Front During the Great War
    by Richard Cramm  2015   ??pp  isbn-10#1927099560; isbn-13#978-1927099568
First We Were Soldiers: The Long March To Perth
    by Ron Shaw  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 8588kb Print Length: 336pages
Flight Craft 4: Avro Lancaster 1945-1964: In British, Canadian and French Military Service
    by Martin Derry  2015   96pp  isbn-10#1473827248; isbn-13#978-1473827240
Food Will Win the War: The Politics, Culture, and Science of Food on Canada's Home Front
    by Ian Mosby  2015   284pp  isbn-10#0774827629; isbn-13#978-0774827621
For Valour: Canadians and the Victoria Cross in the Great War
    edited by Gerald Gliddon  2015   400pp  isbn-10#1459728483; isbn-13#978-1459728486
Forced to Change: Crisis and Reform in the Canadian Armed Forces
    by Bernd Horn, Bill Bentley  2015   168pp  isbn-10#1459727843; isbn-13#978-1459727847
Forgotten Victory: First Canadian Army and the Cruel Winter of 1944-45
    by Mark Zuehlke  2015   512pp  isbn-13#978-1771621052
The French and Indian War and the Conquest of New France
    by William Nester  2015   516pp  isbn-10#0806151897; isbn-13#978-0806151892
From D-Day to VE-Day: A Sherman Tank's Journey
    by John Sliz  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 295kb Print Length: 8pages
The Great War: From Memory to History
    edited by Kellen Kurschinski, Steve Marti, Alicia Robinet  2015   450pp  isbn-10#1771120509; isbn-13#978-1771120500
In Flanders Fields and Other Poems
    by John McCrae  2015   160pp  isbn-10#1459728645; isbn-13#978-1459728646
In Peace Prepared: Innovation and Adaptation in Canada's Cold War Army
    by Andrew Godefroy  2015   292pp  isbn-10#0774827033; isbn-13#978-0774827034
The LeBreton Gallery: The Military Technology Collection of the Canadian War Museum
    by Andrew Burtch, Jeff Noakes  2015   116pp  isbn-10#066020309X; isbn-13#978-0660203096
The Little Third Reich on Lake Superior: A History of Canadian Internment Camp R
    by Ernest Zimmermann  2015   384pp  isbn-10#0888646739; isbn-13#978-0888646736
Living with War: Twentieth-Century Conflict in Canadian and American History and Memory
    by Robert Teigrob  2015   432pp  isbn-10#1442644087, 1442612509; isbn-13#978-1442644083, 978-1442612501
The Long Run: From the Battlefields of the Great War to the 1920 Olympics
    by Joan Sullivan  2015   120pp  isbn-10#1550816101; isbn-13#978-1550816105
Love in the Air: Second World War Letters
    by Joanne Culley, Harry Culley, Helen Reeder  2015   272pp  isbn-10#1460262263, 1460262271; isbn-13#978-1460262269, 978-1460262276
     ebook: File Size: 2962kb Print Length: 193pages
Maestro of Science: Omond McKillop Solandt and Government Science in War and Hostile Peace, 1939-1956
    by Jason Ridler  2015   384pp  isbn-10#1442647477; isbn-13#978-1442647473
Maritime Command Pacific: The Royal Canadian Navy's West Coast Fleet in the Early Cold War
    by David Zimmerman  2015   192pp  isbn-10#0774830344; isbn-13#978-0774830348
Military Justice in Action: Annotated National Defence Legislation
    by Gilles Letourneau, Michel Drapeau  2015   1130pp  isbn-10#0307397815; isbn-13#978-0307397812
A Nation in Conflict: Canada and the Two World Wars
    by Andrew Iarocci, Jeffrey Keshen  2015   208pp  isbn-10#0802098525, 0802095704; isbn-13#978-0802098528, 978-0802095701
The Necessary War, Vol. 1: Canadians Fighting The Second World War:1939-1943
    by Tim Cook  2015   536pp  isbn-10#0143182897; isbn-13#978-0143182894
Officers of the British Forces in Canada During the War of 1812-15
    by   2015   332pp  isbn-10#1342064445; isbn-13#978-1342064448
The 127th Battalion, C.E.F.: 2nd Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops
    by H. M. Jackson  2015   200pp  isbn-10#1783311789; isbn-13#978-1783311781
Our Finest Hour: Canada Fights the Second World War
    by David Bercuson  2015   528pp  isbn-10#1443418730; isbn-13#978-1443418737
     ebook: File Size: 2040kb Print Length: 528pages
Out of the Shadows, the Life of a CSE Canadian Intelligence Officer
    by Ron Lawruk  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 9388kb Print Length: 158pages
Rude Awakening: The Government's Secret War Against Canada's Veterans
    by Pat Stogran   2015   264pp  isbn-10#1460271653, 1460271661; isbn-13#978-1460271650, 978-1460271667
     ebook: File Size: 1325kb Print Length: 242pages
She Made Them Family: A Wartime Scrapbook from the Prairies
    by Anne Gafiuk  2015   356pp  isbn-10#0988083949; isbn-13#978-0988083943
Thunder in the Skies: A Canadian Gunner in the Great War
    by Derek Grout  2015   488pp  isbn-13#978-1459730939
This Hour of Trial & Sorrow This Hour of Trial & Sorrow:The Great War Letters of the Leonard Family
    by various  2015   280pp  isbn-13#978-0-771430954
Till the Boys Come Home: Life on the Home Front, Queens County, NB, 1914-1918
    by Curtis Mainville  2015   176pp  isbn-10#0864928793; isbn-13#978-0864928795
     ebook: File Size: 6905kb Print Length: 200pages
Training Aces: Canada's Air Training During the First World War
    by Peter Conrad  2015   288pp  isbn-10#177231014X; isbn-13#978-1772310146
    by David West  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 3167kb Print Length: 121pages
Through Blood and Sweat: A Remembrance Trek across Sicilyís World War II Battlegrounds
    by Mark Zuehlke  2015   288pp  isbn-10#1771620099; isbn-13#978-1771620093
     ebook: File Size: 7105kb Print Length: 288pages
Under the Maple Leaf: The Remarkable Story of Four Canadian Volunteers who Flew w/Bomber Command During Second World War
    by Ken Cothliff  2015   256pp  isbn-10#0993212913; isbn-13#978-0993212918
Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper
    byJody Mitic  2015   256pp  isbn-10#147679510X; isbn-13#978-1476795102
     ebook: File Size: 26307kb Print Length: 257pages
Unwanted Warriors: The Rejected Volunteers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force
    by Nic Clarke  2015   176pp  isbn-13#978-0774828888
War at Sea: Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic
    by Ken Smith  2015   208pp  isbn-10#1771082658; isbn-13#978-1771082655
War of 1812 Grades 7-9
    by Doug Sylvester  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 19512kb Print Length: ??
War Plan Red: America's Secret Plans to Invade Canada and Canada's Secret Plans to Invade the U.S.
    by Kevin Lippert  2015   128pp  isbn-10#1616893524; isbn-13#978-1616893521
Winged Warfare: Hunting The Huns In The Air
    by Billy Bishop  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 1069kb Print Length: 157pages
World War I: Canada And The Great War Grades 7-9
    by Doug Sylvester  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 21322kb Print Length: ??
World War II: Total War Grades 7-9
    by Doug Sylvester  2015  
    ebook: File Size: 17195kb Print Length: ??
World War Women: Canadian Women and Total War
    by Stacey Barker, Molly McCullough  2015   104pp  isbn-10#0660203111; isbn-13#978-0660203119

Updated January 01, 2018