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Sept. 24, 2001







Kingsway Park Ecological Zone
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Located along 7th Ave. S.W., north of Valley View Centre.

Welcome to the Kingsway Park Ecological Zone! The Ecological Zone, part of the Wakamow Valley, has been designated as a protected area to preserve its unique plant and animal communities. An 800 metre self-guided nature trail allows you to learn more about the area as you enjoy a leisurely walk through a variety of habitats.

The Ecological Zone is a unique and diversified area of the Moose Jaw River valley. It encompasses harsh, dry, south-facing slopes, a moist marsh area, a grassy meadow and a woodland. It is home to 140 different plant species, used by over 100 bird species, 12 species of amphibians and reptiles and 20 animal species. It is also home to a variety of insects and plants which are not found for miles around.
(Information from a Wakamow Valley Pamphlet)

For More Information contact the Wakamow Valley Authority at
276 Home Street East
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S6H 4P9
Phone: (306) 692-2717
Fax:     (306) 692-8188

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(Map from a Wakamow Pamphlet)