Sept. 12, 2001

June 30, 2005

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Moose Jaw Trolley Company
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Although most of the ride is outside of Wakamow, the trolley does venture into a small section.
So take the opportunity to see more of Moose Jaw.

The following information is from a Moose Jaw Trolley Company pamphlet.

Schedule information applies to the 2001 season.
Contact The Moose Jaw Trolley Company for current information.
Phone: (306) 693-8537

A ride on the Moose Jaw Trolley Car is a journey back into our city's rich history. A replica of the original electric streetcars that were operational from 1911-1932 will take you through Moose Jaw's quaint streets to view the unique architecture and murals which breathe life back into this community's past.

If you rode on a Moose Jaw Electric Railway streetcar in 1911, you would have sat on maple and cherrywood accented with beautifully upholstered rattan seats. Today's replica thirty-four seats look out wide framed oak windows and give every passenger a perfect view.

Be sure to slide your fingers along the freshly polished brass handrails or take a minute to get to know some of Moose Jaw's current businesses who have taken great care to replicate signs in the 20s advertising style, much like what originally appeared on the streetcars.

The romantic caboose becomes a perfect backdrop for the unfolding of our story. A one-act play carefully choreographed and directed by a Moose Jaw Trolley Company conductor will transport you into the depths of Moose Jaw's vibrant and sometimes shady history. The conductor will tell you about the 20s during the prohibition era, Moose Jaw's connection to Al Capone, the survival of Chinese immigrants in underground tunnels, Canadian Pacific Railway's hand in creating Moose Jaw, how Moose Jaw got its name, and of course, much more!

Moose Jaw, what you thought was the quiet little city nestled in the heart of wheat country, will be revealed in all its glory through a masterfully spun story of tragedy, scandal, corruption, wealth and triumph!

Let the Moose Jaw Trolley Company deliver you to a different time and place. We provide tours for your group, family reunion or wedding.

PEAK SEASON~May to September

OFF SEASON~October/November/December