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Rotary River Park
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Located near the Burger Cabin and McCaig Gardens.

Moose Jaw's Playground

On a hot summer day, this is one of the busiest spots in Wakamow Valley, and it has been that way throughout much of the city's history. In the 1930s, the area was deemed Moose Jaw's biggest playground and boasted a bandstand for concerts as one of its main facilities. As one would expect, the river was very popular for boating and canoeing. It also provided the city's original "swimming hole" where divers occasionally put on impromptu demonstrations.

This area has almost always had a concession. Until the 1974 flood, the area was home to the Swing Inn, a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. In the 1920s, the River Park Cabin and the Ashton's Tea Gardens concession operated here. For the active park user, there were tennis courts next to Ashton's and canoe rentals at the dock behind the tea gardens.

There were once many homes in this area. River Park was originally designed as one of city's most exclusive neighbourhoods. After several devasting floods, especially in 1948, 1969 and 1974, residential use was reconsidered.
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