October 2005


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Kingsway Ecological
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Trans Canada Trail
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(The following information refers to the original trail)
(The new trail is now located primarily along the valley floor)
(Western Reekie Uplands and Valleyview escarpment closed)

Moose Jaw's Trans Canada Trail (10km)

There are two main entrance points;
the east entrance is located in the Reekie Uplands near Coteau St. E.

The western entrance starts in Connor Park.

There are also alternative entrances in
Kinsmen Wellesley Park.
Along the valley wall;
and at the old bridge near the western section of Wellesley St.

This is a very diverse trail. Ranging from the open prairie trail in the Reekie Uplands, through a small gulley with a steep clim/descent. Then along the river, up and along the valley wall near Valley View Centre, down through the Kingsway Ecological Zone, then along the river again to Connor Park.

Although there are a few spots where the climbs are steep, overall the trail is an pleasant lite hike with the occasional mountain biker going by. There are no water fountains along the trail, so be sure to take along a water bottle.

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(Original Map from a Wakamow Pamphlet)

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