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Wascana Lake Enhancement Project
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    This $18 million enhancement was more than just the deepening of the western section of the lake (the lower pond).
In addition to deepening most of the lower pond to 5.5 metres (18feet) other significant changes were done.

  • a temporary dam was also be built near the Wascana Country Club
  • a deep water refuge east of Spruce Island,7.5 metres
  • filling in of the corners of the lake at both ends of the Albert Memorial Bridge
  • a new path way with a small foot/bike bridge (east of Albert Memorial Bridge) joining the north and south shores to reduce pedestrian/ bike congestion along Albert Street
    Unfortunately this new construction required the removal of the trees along the north shore of the bridge
  • aeration near Albert Street, Trafalgar Fountain and Spruce Island
  • a fountain located near the north shore, in line with the front of the legislative building
  • a small waterfall cascading off the old Broad Street Bridge abutment
    the abutment turned into Pine Island, accessible via a foot bridge.
    In addition to the waterfall, the new island will also serve as a judges platform for racing. Have a small dock on the west side (not completed). As well as pathway and benches.
    The channel was cut near the Surveyors Monument. The resulting channel will also serve as a feeder route for competitors waiting to race, with a staging area dug out of the mainland just north the parking lot.
  • Willow Island and Spruce Island will be made a little bigger.
    Willow will expand on the westnorth side. Spruce on the north.
    A signifant shape change.
  • the construction of a bike path under the current Broad Street Bridge connecting to the current pathway.

The upper pond (between Broad Street and the #1 Highway) also saw some changes and additions.
Although the current depth will remain, the changes include

  • the creation of Discovery Island (renamed Pelican Island in 2008?) near the Science Centre
  • the removal of the old power plant water pipe tressle
    (that thing that looked like an old train bridge)
  • new shoreline east of the Science Centre

The Wascana Hill area

  • hill made much wider
  • a roadway to the top
  • small rolling hills on the east side

As for the 1.2 to 1.5 million cubic metres of dredgings.
Some was used as fill in the lower and upper ponds.
The remainder was added to Wascana Hill or taken to the land east of the #1 Highway bridge, towards SIAST.
The truck route was UNDER the two bridges.