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Officer Declaration
Paper (WW1)

Diefenbaker Homestead
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Located (1967-2004) on the south side of Wascana Lake
beside Old Broad Street.
(Last season of operation in Wascana, 2001)
Diefenbaker Homestead moved to Sukanen Museum November 28, 2004
Uncle Ed's house, moved on December 08, 2004

  "The boyhood home of the late Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker, P.C., Q.C. , was moved from Borden, Saskatchewan in 1967.
The house was restored with the advice of the former Prime Minister and his younger brother, the late Mr. Elmer Diefenbaker. It was dedicated as an historical site on August 31 of the same year.
The three rooms contain items given by the Diefenbaker family, and many donated by other pioneer families from Saskatchewan.
The smaller home of an uncle, Mr. Ed Diefenbaker, was originally located near the Diefenbaker home..."

(Wascana Centre Authority Pamphlet)

Quick Facts

  • 1895: September 18: Born in Neustadt, Ontario
  • 1903: Family moved to Tierengrund School, near Fort Carlton, N.W.T.(Saskatchewan)
  • 1905: Family moved to Hague, Saskatchewan
  • 1906: Family moved to homestead near Borden, Saskatchewan
             Helped his father build the homestead
  • 1912: Entered University of Saskatchewan
  • 1916: Volunteered for Firtst World War overseas service, Canadian Army
             Six week officer training in Manitoba (See Declaration Paper)
             Fall: Training camp in England
  • 1917: Invalided home. Removed from active service
  • 1919: Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, Law
  • 1919: July 1, opened Law Office in Wakaw, Saskatchewan
  • 1920: Elected Wakaw Alderman
  • 1924: Moved practice to Prince ALbert
  • 1929: Married first wife, Edna Mae Bower
  • 1936: October 29, became leader of the Saskatchewan Conservative Party
  • 1940: March 26, elected to Parliament as MP for Lake Centre
          won every following election until his death
  • 1951: Wife Edna died in Saskatoon, leukemia
  • 1953: August 10, elected MP for Prince Albert
  • 1953: December 08, married second wife, Olive Freeman Palmer
  • 1956: December 14, elected leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party
  • 1957-1963: Prime Minister
  • 1967: The original "Homestead" and Uncle Ed's house were moved from
             Borden to Wascana Centre, Regina
             Declared an Historical Site on August 31st
  • 1967: Lake Diefenbaker named
  • 1967: September 9, defeated by Robert Stanfield for party leadership
  • 1976: wife Olive died in Ottawa
  • 1979: May 22nd, elected for the thirteenth consecutive time to Parliament
  • 1979: August 16th, died in Ottawa
             August 22 buried near the Diefenbaker Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 2001: Labour Day, final open day for the Diefenbaker Homestead
  • 2002: Winter, Wascana Centre Authority decides not to reopen the Homestead
  • 2004: November/December, the Homestead and Uncle Eds house moved to
              the Sukanen Museum, south of Moose Jaw
  • 2005: Summer, the Homestead and Uncle Eds house opened at the Sukanen Museum