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The Wascana

(Pic from Norwegian Maritime Museum)

Built in Middlesbrough 1913: Names: Wascana, then Wagama until 1934.
Delivered in July-1913 as Wascana to A/S Asker (L. Harboe Jensen, Asker) Christiania.
Later on a 10 years time charter trading ore as Wagama. Company taken over by Chr. Haaland, Haugesund on July 25-1917, renamed A/S Atlas in 1927. Laid up in Haugesund from Dec.-1930 until 1934.
Sold in May-1934 to Jacob Kj°de A/S, Bergen and renamed Ingerseks.

WW II: Seized by Germans in May 1940, German crew.
Stranded at Risenfjord off Trondheim on Apr. 22-1945 (on a voyage to Germany),
bombed the next day by British aircraft. Total loss.

The steamship Inger Seks went down after an allied air attack on the 23rd of April 1945.
The ship had standed the day before, and was quickly spotted by the British who attacked this large freighter.
It is said that Inger Seks was standing on the reef burning for several days before she disappearded in the deep.
Inger Seks was requisitioned by the German occupation force in Norway in May 1940, and had almost survived the second world war under German flag when she was sunk.
The wreck of Inger Seks rest on a depth of twenty metres on the west side of Insterfjorden.