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Main Floor Rental

Wascana Place Boardroom Rental
(Unless otherwise indicated, photos from a WCA Pamphlet)

The Wascana Place Boardroom is located on the third floor of Wascana Place, 2900 Wascana Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan. This room will seat fourteen (14) people at the board table, with an additional six (6) others seated on the sofa and chairs within this room, making the total room capacity twenty (20) people.

Limited coffee service is available with the rental of the boardroom. This includes a coffee maker, ground coffee, condiments and accessories as well as a kettle. These items are always in the boardroom and it is the renter's responsibility to make as much as you require for your event.

There is a small kitchenette located in the boardroom which is suitable for washing coffee cups etc. The kitchenette contains a small refrigerator which is used by Wascana Centre staff to store some supplies, however, the renter(s) can use whatever open space is available.

Rental of the boardroom includes the adjoining lounge. this room contains washrooms, sofas, chairs and coffee tables.

Catering can occur by the renter making their own arrangements with an outside caterer. the catering service must provide cutlery, dishes etc.

A seperate, adjacent meeting room, Room 310, has been used by many groups for setting up and serving luncheons as well as for "splinter group" meetings. This area can be used by groups in conjunction with the boardroom rental.

Free parking is available in the Wascana Place parking lot. Please be aware that some areas are posted for staff parking or have strickly enforced time limits.

For booking information call 522-3661.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Washrooms are located in the 3rd floor lounge adjoining the boardroom or on the main floor. The facilities on 2nd floor are for Wascana Centre Staff only.
  2. Whereas the renter is authorized to use the small refrigerator, there must be an acknowledgment that there may be items kept in this refrigerator that belong to others and are not to be used, moved or removed by the renter.
  3. Wascana Place is a working environment on all floors. Loud and/or unusual noises (i.e. singing, music, pounding etc.) can be disruptive to those working in other areas. Renters are asked to respect the rights of these office workers.
  4. Fax facilities are available on the 2nd floor on a limited basis. A member of the rental group will be responsible for sending and picking up faxes. (Inquire when booking)
  5. The photocopier is available in emergency situations at a cost of 10c per copy and must be made by the renter. (Inquire when booking)
  6. The renter is responsible for all cleanup and returning the room to its original condition.

(Information from a Wascana Centre Pamphlet)

Contact Wascana Centre Authority
for more information & price confirmation.
Wascana Centre Authority
Box 7111
2900 Wascana Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan

phone: (306) 522-3661
fax: (306) 565-2742

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