Wascana Park

A Brief Wascana History

Wascana Centre was established in 1962 by an act of the Saskatchewan Legislature. The Wascana Centre Act united the Province of Saskatchewan, the City of Regina and the University of Regina in a corporate body - The Wascana Centre Authority.

Wascana Centre extends over 810 hectares (2,000 acres) of land and 120 hectares (300 acres) of water - a total of 930 hectares (2,300 acres).  

The Indians used the area around Wascana Creek to dry buffalo meat and clean and stretch the hides. Because  buffalo bones were gathered along the creek, the area came to be known as Oscana, a Cree word meaning "pile of bones."
Our name, Wascana, was derived from this Cree word.

Wascana Centre is located in the heart of Regina.

The seat of the Provincial Government located in the stately Legislative Building and supplemented by Administrative Office Buildings is set in a site of approximately 98 hectares.

The University of Regina located on a 133 hectare site and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology east of the Trans-Canada No. 1 bypass, gives opportunities for higher education.

The joe moran gallery and the Mackenzie Art Gallery, the Saskactchewan Centre of the Arts bringing world class performaces, the Kramer Imax Theatre, the Saskatchewn Science Centre, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and the outdoor bandstand, all contribute to the advancement of cultural arts.

Outdoor recreational facilities exist in Douglas Park, on Wascana Lake, at the University of Regina and are extensively used by the citizens of Regina to host local, provincial and national sporting events.

Parks developed on lands owned by the Government, City and University provide many hectares of quiet beauty where families may picnic and barbecue. A unique Waterfowl Park serves as home for Canada Geese, ducks, shore birds and marsh mammals, giving city residents and visitors the opportunity to view numerous species in a natural habitat.

(Information from a Wascana Centre Authority Pamphlet)