Wascana Park


Interpretive Panels

These 16 panels are located along the Albert Street Promenade.
Panels A,B,C,D,E,F: Wascana Centre Series
Panels G,H,I,J,K: Wascana Historic Series
Panels L.M: Wascana Lake
Panels N,O,P: Big Dig Series

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Panel A
Jewel of the City


Panel B
Regina's Own


Panel C
Make No Little Plans


Panel D
a place for people


Panel E
A Natural Oasis


Panel F


Panel G
Pile of Bones Creek


Panel H
a lazy little stream


Panel I
Evolution of a Bridge


Panel J
The Railway & the Creek


Panel K
the Forgotten Dig


Panel L
the Mighty Wascana


Panel M
Regina's Lake


Panel N
the Big Dig


Panel O
Can You Dig It?


Panel P