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Located beside Wascana Place

Lady Slipper Courtyard is a secluded outdoor garden enclosed by a perimeter fence adjacent to Wascana Place (East Side). The courtyard features mature landscaping, all weather surfacing, entrance gateway arbors and a large open pavilion. The facility is fully accessible. By renting the facility the designate from the usergroup will be given a key to the courtyard for the rental period.

The pavillion contains 6 sets of permanent all season tables and seats. Each table set will seat 8 people. As welI, there are two portable, convertible bench/table units which wiIl accommodate an additional 5 people per unit. The recommended capacity of the courtyard is 50 people. For groups of more than 50, the main floor of Wascana Place can be rented in conjunction with the courtyard which would increase the facility capacity to upwards of 150 individuals. Please refer to the Wascana Place Information Series for details.

The courtyard is suitable for a variety of different functions i.e. weddings, company barbecues, lunches etc. It is serviced with 2 charcoal barbecues, 2 portable long serving tables, electrical outlets (suitable for coffee makers, sound systems etc.) and a water fountain. Washroom facilities are located within Wascana Place. For evening functions, there is no direct lighting within the pavilion but there are a number of standard Wascana Centre globe lights within the courtyard.

Special use Liquor Licenses may be obtained through the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Free parking is available in the Wascana Place parking lot. Pease be aware that some areas are posted for staff parking (which can be used after regular work hours) or have strictly enforced time limits.

During the regular public hours of Wascana Place, courtyard user groups have access to the buildhng as any member of the general public. There is a cancellation/damage deposit required at the time of the booking. This will be refunded if your event proceeds and no damage occurs or if you cancel your event and we are notified three(s) working days prior to the event.

Rules and Regulations
  1. All Wascana Centre Authority and applicable City of Regina Bylaws must be adhered to. This includes City of Regina Noise Abatement Bylaw No. 6980 which regulates noise levels between 10:00p.m. and 7:00a.m.
  2. The renter is responsible for preventing any and atl individuals of the user group from climbing on, standing on, walking/moving on or through any of the courtyard landscape amenities, or removing or altering any such amenities.
  3. Corporate signage in compliance with Wascana Centre Authority's temporary sign policy is permitted to promote and provide directions to the venue.
  4. Wascana Centre has the right to cancel a booking that is felt to be in any way objectionable or against the policies of the Authority, or where there is some question as to perceived appropriateness of the event.
  5. The renter will immediately adhere to any and all instructions communicated by the Wascana Centre staff person present.
  6. Wascana Place is a smoke free facility.

The name and graphic theme of the courtyard is derived for the orchid Cypripedium calceolus L. which can be found regionally in some native, moist and shady locales. This perennial is 15 - 40 cm in height and the bulbous 'slipper' part of our common Lady Slipper Orchid is yellow. The narrow conjoined sepals are a purplish-brown.

(Information from a Wascana Centre Pamphlet)

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