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Wascana Place Main Floor Rental

Wascana Place is located at 2900 Wascana Drive Regina, Saskatchewan. The main floor has over 2000 square feet of public space which can be used for a variety of activites (i.e. press conferences. private receptions, art/craft shows etc.) The recommended capacity for the main floor area is 100 people or where attendance will be random throughout the event, no maximum is suggested.

The Lecture Theatre will allow seating for 100 people. When banquet tables are used the casual furniture on main floor is removed and tables are placed throughout main floor with the exception of the set up area which is used for food tables. There is a large three dimensional free standing model with a hard removable top which is suitable as a table for display materials or food services. This model must remain on main floor and with input from the renter group it will be placed in a location suitable for the function.Uupon request the walls can be cleared and used for display space.

Rental of the main floor can also include the use of the kitchen area (3 appliances. 2 - 100 cup coffee urns and a stainless steel cart) a portable coat rack, projection screen, podium and sound system are available at no additional cost.

The building is accessed from the front entrance (west facing) for event guests. Amenities supporting the event can be delivered to the north entrance where vehicles can drive directly up to the door. Vehicles must be turned off immediately to prevent carbon monoxide fumes from entering the building ventilation system.

Free parking is available in the Wascana Place parking lot. please be aware that some areas are posted for staff parking (which can be used by the public after regular work hours) or have strictly enforced time limits.

Special Use Liquor Licenses may be obtained through the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Wascana Place is a working environment on all floors. Loud and/or unusual noises (i.e. singing. music, pounding etc.) can be disruptive to those working in other areas. Renters are asked to respect the rights of these office workers.
  2. Whereas the renter is authorized to use the refrigerator, there must be an acknowledgment that there may be items kept in this refrigerator that belong to others and are not to be used, moved or removed by the renter.
  3. Telephone messages will be recorded at the Reception desk.
  4. Fax facilities are available on the 2nd floor on a limited basis. A member of the rental group will be responsible for sending and picking up faxes.
  5. Corporate signage in compliance with Wascana CentreAuthonty's temporary sign policy is permitted to promote and provide directions to the venue.
  6. Wascana Centre has the right to cancel a booking that is felt to be in any way objectionable or against the policies of the Authority, or where there is some question as to perceived appropriateness of the event.
  7. The renter will immediately adhere to any and all instructions communicated by the Wascana Centre staff person present.
  8. Wascana Place is a smoke free facility.

(Information from a Wascana Centre Pamphlet)

Contact Wascana Centre Authority
for more information & price confirmation.
Wascana Centre Authority
Box 7111
2900 Wascana Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan

phone: (306) 522-3661
fax: (306) 565-2742

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