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Wascana Marina

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South side of the lake.
Northwest of Broad Street Bridge. South of Wascana Place.
East of Trafalgar Pond.

The marina area extends from approximately the Broad Street Bridge to
Trafalgar Pond.
And can be described in two sections, each with a seperate entrance.
Upper Marina: Consisting of the boat ramp, the larger parking lot, the sandy area, and the
Willow on Wascana restaurant.

Lower Marina: Entrance a little northwest of the upper marina entrance.
This section includes the Marina Rentals, the Regina Rowing Club,
the Wascana Racing Canoe Club,
as well as the winter warm up room for the skating area.

Brief History:
The parking lot and dock area were built for the Western Canada Summer Games (1975)
Marina Building opened in 1981. This replaced a chain link fenced area, that was being used to store canoes, etc.

The upper half of the building had several unique features.
In addition to providing washrooms and rest area, there was a small concession area, a lake water level display, and a "mini depot" for Wascana employees.
1986: The upper part of the building was converted into a restaurant and used by Youth Unlimited as a "training restaurant" for youth.
During this time Youth Unlimited also provided lake ferry tours
and a concession stand at Wascana Park Pool.

After Youth Unlimited stop using this building it continued to serve as a restaurant.
First the Wascana Bistro, then the Park Place Restaurant.
Currently, The Willow on Wascana.