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  Located west of Spruce Island,
  lower level of the Spruce Island Overlook.

   There was once a tiny squirrel named Frank. He and his friends, Camillo and the minnows, Barnaby the rabbit, and Lori the salamander liked to play in Wascana, a lake in the middle of our big city. But a steel flow pipe that they lived near was very loud and ugly. It was always soaking the animals with its splashes. The animals all agreed that they would make it a better place. Not only for the animals but for all the people that came down to the lake. The next day they had a meeting and decided what they were going to do. After putting a fresh coat of paint on the pipe, they decided to cut the pipe so it would flow like a waterfall instead of splashing and gurgling. By the next week their waterfall project was complete! Soon people starting coming to see what the amazing little animals had done to make their home beautiful. The folks at Wascana Centre were so impressed that they decided to place little figures of the animals on the pipe in their honour. Now the pipe is a great place for Frank, his squirrel family, and all his friends!

Elizabeth Christoffel and Allison Mcllmoyl -Douglas Park School- 2002

IPSCO is proud to bring "A BETTER PLACE" to Wascana Lake

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