Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios: Regina

Wascana Park

Fmr Normal School

Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios
(Commonly known as the Saskatchewan Soundstage)
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  Located at the corner of College Avenue and Broad Street at the site of the former Normal School.

Creative Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Protocol Office located here.

Basically the old Normal School (built in 1913) was gutted, leaving the front, the east and part of the west wall to become part of the Sound Stage.
Aprox. 82,000 square feet with three sepaerate sound stages. From 7,000 to 15,000 square feet. Carpentry, makeup, wardrobe, & other production facilities are also located on site.
In addition the sound stage will connect to the CBC Broadcasting Centre, allowing for easy access to their facilities and equipment.

"..the facility offers four stages of varying sizes totaling 30,475 square feet, 42 foot ceiling heights, with fully furnished, modern production offices and a complete array of support facilities and services. Wardrobe, art department, carpentry, paint, makeup/hair/wardrobe, set storage and break down area, camera lock-up, VIP dressing rooms, green rooms, lunch space and on-site cafeteria."

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