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The following information is from page 108 to 115 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Nankivell; Nolan; Nykoliation; O'Connor; Peel; Preston; Quinn

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Nankivell, Dennis Keith
By Lena Lawrence
Dennis, son of William and Eileen Nankivell, and youngest of seven children, was born in 1943 in the Miniota Nursing Home. He grew up in the Crandall district. He farmed with his parents until the farm was sold in 1972 when they moved to Hamiota.
Dennis began work for the town in 1973, and continued until he became disabled due to a deterioration of the knee. He retired from work in 1996.
Dennis has always enjoyed giving a helping hand, first to his parents and to the seniors in town. He takes a special interest in his nieces and nephews and keeps in touch with his brothers and sisters and their activities. He has become involved with playing shuffleboard in the seniors' games at the Hamiota Community Centre.

Nankivell, Lawrence John
I was born in 1930 on a farm near Miniota, Manitoba. I was the third child of seven born to Mr. and Mrs. William E. Nankivell.
I received my education in Crandall school and after my schooling, I worked as a labourer on local farms. I then moved to Virden, Manitoba and drove a truck in the oil fields. In 1956, I worked in Carnduff and Alida, Saskatchewan hauling oil. In 1957, I moved into Minto, Manitoba and drove a transfer for Wallace Bros. In 1959, I purchased the transfer and changed the name to Lawrence Transport. On April 6, 1963 I married Phyllis Margaret Little in Regina, Saskatchewan. Phyll was the fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Little. She was born in MacGregor, Manitoba on June 12, 1924. In 1925 she moved to Minto with her family to join her father who was a blacksmith from Minto.
Phyll received her education in Minto and after completing her schooling, she worked as a clerk for the Rudds in their General Store. She later became a telephone operator. She retired as Chief Operator in 1964. Phyll led an active social life in Minto, helping with many bridal showers and was always ready to lend a helping hand.
In January 1966, a little eight-month old girl joined our family. Her name was Leslie Michelle, born in 1965. In 1967, a little sister for Michelle joined our family, Shannon Eileen, born in 1966.
Michelle and Shannon attended school in Minto and Boissevain, Manitoba. Michelle graduated in 1982, and Shannon in 1983. Michelle attended the Brandon University for four years. Both girls currently reside in Brandon, Manitoba and both are employed by the Manitoba Telephone System. Shannon and Ray McLachlan are proud parents of Clinton Daniel, born in 1994.
I became employed by the Minto Co-Op for a short time. I was also a caretaker and icemaker for the Minto rink for a number of years. Phyll and the girls spent many hours helping me there. I was also caretaker of the cemetery and water plant, and also drove a bus for the Turtle Mountain School Division.
In July 1984, I started driving for Nankivell Trucking in Kisbey, Saskatchewan. Phyll and I moved from Minto to Kisbey in July 4, 1984, Before leaving Minto, Phyll and I were honoured by a large gathering at the Minto hall, We had many fond memories of our lives in Minto.
Phyll developed heart problems in 1961, and after many ups and downs with her health, she passed away in the Regina Hospital March 23, 1987. Her service was held in Minto Church on March 27, 1987. The church was full once again, showing great respect for Phyll and her family. Phyll was laid to rest in the Minto cemetery.
I continued to work for Nankivell Trucking in Kisbey until my retirement in 1995. I moved to Souris where I could be closer to my girls in Brandon. Since then I have purchased a home in Boissevain, Manitoba where I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement. I spend a great deal of time camping at Killarney, Manitoba, going to dances, and enjoy my old and new friends from the area.
The Dorothy Coupland family has adopted me as one of their own, and we have many get togethers and great times.
I always enjoy returning to Crandall to renew old acquaintances.

Nankivell, Stan and Lorraine (nee Long)
Stanley Earl was born at Crandall in 1935; he is the 6th child of William and Eileen Nankivell. He took his schooling at Crandall and at an early age quit school and went to" work for various farmers around the area. In 1959, he worked in Brandon for the summer and in September of that year started to work in Kenton, Manitoba for Lawlor and Strange where he remained for 30 years.
On September 22, 1962 Stan married Lorraine Long of Crandall, only daughter of Walter and Vera Long. We were married in the Crandall United Church. I was born in Miniota in 1942 and at an early age my family moved to Crandall. I took all of my schooling at Crandall and then worked for the Manitoba Telephone System as a switchboard operator in Hamiota. After our marriage we lived in Hamiota for 3 months then moved to Kenton where I transferred to the telephone office there, where I worked until 1972 when dial phones came in. In 1982 I started to work for Bob Curtis (fuel dealer) and worked there until 1992. In 1980 we started to farm and in 1983 we purchased the Souter farm just north of Kenton. In 1990 we built a shop on the farm and started our own tractor repair business. We are still involved in this and in 1993 we purchased another 1/2 section of land east of Kenton.
Over the years we were involved in 4-H, both Stan I taught 4-H and Stan was also a volunteer fireman for several years. We both belong to the legion in Kenton. I taught Sunday school, was also Superintendent and was active in the figure skating club and hockey clubs.
We had 2 children. Sheldon Mark was born in Hamiota in 1968. He took his schooling at Kenton and Hamiota. Sheldon played hockey and in his teen years decided to curl. He delivered the Brandon Sun for 7 years and belonged to the 4-H club for several years. He was very active in the farm activities, and really enjoyed it. In 1985 he was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease. He graduated from Grade 12 in June 1986 and then took 1 year of agriculture at the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. Sadly he passed away on December 8, 1989 in the St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is buried in the Greenwood cemetery at Kenton.
Heather Gayle was born in Hamiota in 1970. She also took her schooling at Kenton and Hamiota. Heather was a member of the figure skating club, 4-H, Sunday school and also delivered the paper for 7 years. She graduated in 1988 then took a secretarial course at the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. She then worked for 4 years. On October 16, 1993 Heather married Bill Feschuk from Hamiota. They were married in the Kenton United Church and have lived in Hamiota since. Heather works in the Super Thrifty Drug Store and Bill in the Co-Op store. They have 2 sons, Derek Mark, born in 1996 in Brandon and Kyle Ryan born in 1998 in Brandon.

Nankivell, William E.
William and Eileen Nankivell moved to Hamiota, Manitoba in October 1972. Their new home was situated at 35 Lilac Avenue. They enjoyed their corner lot where they could look out of their kitchen window and see the open countryside to the west.
William suffered a heart attack and passed away in the Hamiota Health Centre on September 27, 1973. He is buried in the cemetery at Arrow River, Manitoba.
Eileen continued to enjoy her home and garden and the friendship of friends and neighbours. Her greatest joy was centred on her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was a good cook and her family still likes to make favourite treats that she made.
Eileen became ill in January 1987 and was hospitalized until her death in the Hamiota Health Centre from cancer on March 12, 1987. She was buried next to her husband in the Arrow River cemetery.

Nolan, Garth and Marion (nee Henderson)
Jarred, Marion, Debbie, Jamie & Garth Nolan I, Marion, was born in Hamiota Hospital in 1945, the youngest of Nelson and Minnie (Mary) Henderson. I received all my education at the Crandall School, and went on to graduate from the Brandon General Hospital School of Nursing in 1966. I was united in marriage by Reverend Victor Bowins to Garth Nolan of the Harding, Manitoba district in the Crandall United Church on April 8, 1967.
Garth was born in the Virden Hospital, in 1945 and has been employed by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce since August 1, 1963.
I worked at the Manitoba Rehabilitation Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba from September 1966 to February 1969, attaining Head Nurse status. Garth's work took us to Fort Frances, Ontario where I worked at Emo Red Cross Hospital and Rainycrest Home for the Aged. Then on to Atikokan, Ontario where our first son, Jamie Dean was born on January 30, 1971. Our last stop in Northwestern Ontario was Thunder Bay from March 1972, to February 1973. We returned to Winnipeg and settled into the North Kildonan area where we still reside.
I worked at the Mini Skool Day Care until our second son, Jarred Melville was born in 1976.
Zachary Dean Nolan Jamie graduated from the University of Manitoba, May 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. He married Debra Forester of Thunder Bay on September 2, 1995. They are employed as pharmacists with Canada Safeway. Jamie and Debbie's son arrived at the Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg in 2000. He is named Zachery Dean and is the first grandchild for Garth and Marion.
Jarred graduated from the Red River College in June 1996 with a diploma in Creative Communication. He has been employed with 92 CITI FM radio and deejays for Hospitality Corporation.
Since October 1988, I have worked at the Gateway Nursery School, enjoying the freshness of three and four year olds and especially special needs children. Garth continues to work for CIBC, but looks forward to a "package" any time now.
Garth and I have been active in our community for 24 years, in particular Gateway Recreation Centre and River East Minor Hockey Association. We directed and supported our sons through their soccer, baseball, and hockey years, then continued to volunteer for others in the community. We enjoy our home, yard, gardens and a bit of travelling. And of course we enjoy our role as new grandparents.

Nykoliation, Gerald and Wendy (nee Cochrane)
Gerry and Wendy Nykoliation were married on August 10, 1974 in Shoal Lake, Manitoba. We lived in Winnipeg for a short time before moving to the Two Creeks, Manitoba area in the fall. In the spring of 1975, we purchased the farm from Neil Wallace. Over the next twenty- five years we have turned this farm into a cow/calf feedlot operation. We have built many new corrals and shed to house the cattle. In 1994, the old hip-roof barn was torn down and replaced by a pole barn for calving. The other older buildings are still in use today. As of 2000, this entire farm is sown down to hay and pasture. The grain and straw come from the land we purchased in the Woodworth municipality in 1981. As an interesting connection, this land in the Lenore district was the home farm of Neil Wallace's mother. Lily Barr. This was unknown to us for some time. This land is known as Barr's Lake. In 1998, we purchased the home quarter of Jim Allan's (formerly Bill VanBuskirk's).
We have raised a family of three. Allan was born in 1974 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Allan took his schooling in Hamiota. He has purchased the south half of 26-13-25 from Leonard Allan in 1998. He is presently farming part time with us and working at Redfern's in Kenton, Manitoba.
Kim was born in 1978 in Hamiota. Kim completed her grade 12 in Hamiota and then continued on to take two years of Agri-Business at the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. She is presently working at S.H. Dayton, the John Deere dealership in Shoal Lake, Manitoba.
Cameron the youngest was born in 1984. He is presently going to school in Hamiota and has no definite plans for the future.
Our family has been involved in the Charolais purebred business for 21 years. The family has taken in many cattle shows and local fairs along with being involved with the Lenore 4-H club. Starting with Allan, at the age of 9, we have been going to 4-H for 17 years. Allan and Kim have completed their years in the program, but Cameron is still heavily involved with 4-H. Even though the kids are busy, they can still be found at the local fairs and shows with their "snow white cattle". Gerry and I have also been active with the 4-H program, as both of us have had our turn at being leaders in the Lenore 4-H Club. I have also been a craft leader for three years in the Hamiota 4-H club.
Our family has enjoyed our years in the Crandall Community.

0'Connor, Ray and Marj
By Jan Carnegie
There have been a lot of changes in the O'Connor family since 1971. Ray began renting the land out to Brian Gardham somewhere around the mid 70's. Marj kept busy with her community activities, and helped the Cowling family a couple of days a week. In the spring of 1981 Marj became ill, and on November 28, 1981, after a courageous fight with cancer, a bright light in so many lives went out.
Their son Dan had married Debbie Fraser of Hamiota in 1976. Ray, Dan and Debbie stayed on the farm for couple of years after Marj's passing and then Dan and Deb moved to Hamiota, and Ray took up residence in Virden, Manitoba. In 1986 Ray married Tillie Draper. Ray suffered a severe stroke in 1988 and passed away January 31, 1997.
Dan and Debbie now live in Virden where Dan works for Morris Hauling. They have two daughters, Shauna and Michelle and one grandson, Danny who all live in Virden.
Daughter Lynda and her husband Barry Lyng reside in Virden. Their family history appears in the Lyng family history in this book.
Ray and Marj's youngest daughter, Carolyn and husband Barry White, after being transferred a few times by the Canadian National Railway ended up in Melville, Saskatchewan where they are now retired. Carol and Barry had two sons, Bradley and Lyle and one daughter, Coreen. Bradley and his family live in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan where Brad and a partner operate a heavy-duty repair shop. They have two boys Barrington and Brendon. Coreen and her husband, Tim Shultz, run Nellie's BakeShop in Melville. They have one girl, Melanie and a boy, Tyler. Lyle and his wife Stacy live in Saskatoon and have a little girl, Hailey.
The O'Connor farm is now owned by Vince Heaman and Edward Lelond and although the old house stands empty and falling down, the hearts of those of us who lived and loved there will forever ring with the laughter and joy we shared within its walls. Time has marched on, but I will forever revisit those days with a thankful heart.

A Tribute to Marj
By Jan Carnegie
Her life was simple
Her love was great
No need for wealth
No room for hate

To love was to live
To live was to love
The dear ones around her
Her Saviour above

Her door always opened
To any in need
A child in distress
A baby to feed

No problem so great
That a hug wouldn't cure
She taught us to live
And that love would endure

A day without song
Was a day without end
Her music remains
In our hearts like a friend

When the sun had gone down
At the end of a day
And her ears echoed on
With a child's laughter at play

She'd smile.. .all was well
What mattered the rest
Of the chores left undone?
She's had the best

The years have slipped by
And now we can see
That death has no sting
The grave no victory

Peel, Bob and Catherine (nee Littlejohn)
Catherine married Bob Peel of Miniota, Manitoba in 1958. Bob was employed with Anglo/Royalite/Gulf in the service station bulk oil business. Through Bob's work, Catherine and Bob and their family moved to Souris, Deloraine, Oakburn, Reston and Melita in Manitoba and Assiniboia in Saskatchewan. In 1976, Bob bought his Dad's farm and the family moved to Miniota, where Bob farmed and worked part time for Manitoba Crop Insurance. Catherine worked for several years for the Royal Bank and for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. After moving to Miniota, she worked in the office of the Rural Municipality of Miniota for 22 years.
Catherine and Bob have a family of three. Brian, born in 1960, Craig, born in 1961, and Laurie born in 1962.
Brian married Joan Berry of Birtle, Manitoba and they have two sons, Jeffrey and Landon. They live in Virden where Brian is a teacher and Joan is a pharmacist.
Craig married Leanne Brown of Birtle and they have two children, Lyndsi and Colin. They live in Winnipeg, Manitoba where Craig works for the Toronto Dominion Bank and Leanne is a stay-at home mom.
Laurie married Rodney Kliever of Elkhorn, Manitoba and they have three children, Kristen, Mark and Troy. They live in Deloraine, Manitoba where Rod works for the Co-Op and Laurie works as an activity director in the Personal Care Home.
Catherine and Bob, both retired live in Miniota where they enjoy community activites and as well, have time for their seven grandchildren.

Preston, Frank and Myra
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since 1971 in the Preston family. Our three children are all through school and University, and are busy at their various careers. Shirley and Lloyd Gibson have run a store in Virden for about 18 years. Lois has been nursing for nearly 30 years. She lives in Boissevain. Allan was a Veterinarian in Hamiota for more than 20 years. He is now Chief Field Veterinarian of Manitoba.
Frank and I continued farming and enjoyed the life, as did everyone else in those days. Kids coming home from various studies made life interesting. We were able to have had the pleasure of going on many bus tours. We saw a lot of Canada and parts of the United States, as we were from coast to coast on different tours.
Our, son Allan bought our farm in 1976. Frank continued to help with the farm work, as veterinary work kept Allan very busy.
We bought a house in Hamiota, and moved in July of 1979. Frank still continued to go to the farm to help for a few years. We enjoyed town life and the senior activities at the community hall in winter and lawn bowling in the summer.
Prestons 50th Frank had a hobby of refinishing furniture, which he enjoyed. Myra kept busy at housekeeping, meetings, church, etc. We both enjoyed gardening and flowers. We moved into Lilac Residence in Hamiota, December 22, 1997. We enjoyed living here. There is plenty of company, and we have been looked after very well.
Frank passed away January 1, 1999 at 87 years of age.

Quinn, Joseph and Ella
Joseph and Ella Quinn were among the early settlers of Crandall. Their family of four received their education in Crandall, and was active in the community.
Sarah Christina (Sadie) Scott was born in Crandall March 26, 1904, the eldest daughter. She attended school in Crandall, going on to the Brandon College to obtain her teaching certificate as well as a degree in music. Her love for music continued throughout her life. She was a very accomplished pianist, and played at many social functions in Crandall during her teen years.
She left Crandall to teach at a rural school at Preeceville, Saskatchewan and later at Saltcoats, Saskatchewan where she met Jack Scott. They were married in the Quinn home July 27, 1927.
After honeymooning in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they returned to Saltcoats to make their home. They moved to Francis in 1929 where their daughter, Dona Noreen was born in 1932. That same year they moved to Regina where their sons, John Dale in 1940 and Eldon Bruce in 1942 were born.
Sadie Scott Except for a period of five years when they lived in Brandon, Sadie lived in Regina until her death January 2, 1988.
Dona Noreen married Don Muirhead of Regina. They have retired to Kamloops, British Columbia after their active life at Hundred Mile. They have a family of four girls, Carol, Darlene, Nancy and Robin.
Carol and Norman Barton live in Kamloops, British Columbia. Their son Douglas lives in Hundred Mile, British Columbia and their daughter Dawn Marie lives at Whistler, British Columbia.
Darlene and Terry Teigen and their family of Chad, Bradley, Michael, Sherry and Candice live in Oliver, British Columbia.
Nancy and Brian Lindsay, and Darrell, Christopher, Philip and Troy live in Seattle, Washington.
Robin and Rob Beaton, and Ashley, Sarah, and Kevin live in Abbotsford, British Columbia.
Velma Quinn, second daughter of Joseph and Ella Quinn, married Ray Warren, and continued to live in Crandall. Their son Vernon was born there. At a young age, Ray passed away.
Vernon married Dolcie Jones and raised their children, Steven, Brian, Dennis, Patty and Ray in Ladner, British Columbia. They all enjoyed outdoor life, mountain climbing and boating with enthusiasm. Vernon built a 50-foot Catamaran boat. They lived on the boat for 6 years. He did trucking, and liked the open road until his retirement. He died in 1996, and Dolcie predeceased him in 1994.
Velma later married Maurice Tyndall. They spent their life in Leduc, Alberta and Vancouver before retiring to Burnaby, British Columbia. They were very active in their retirement. They went for a ride in their car most every day, or were at a senior's centre. They shared their love of music and entertained with the piano and violin. Maurice passed away in 1989. At that time Velma moved to Edmonton to be near her family and lived there until her death in 1992.
Leona, her older daughter, married Tom Logi and lived in Edmonton. Two boys. Miles and Mark and a daughter Cheryl were born. Tom worked with A.G.T. until his illness and in 1986 passed away. Leona met and married Morley Campbell and moved to Pigeon Lake, Alberta spending winters in Arizona.
Tyndall/Arndt/Logi/Warren Merne, younger daughter married Elmer Arndt. Their family of four is very much a part of the family business. Merne and Elmer are partially retired and spend much of their time at their summer home at Pigeon Lake. It is the scene of many get togethers with family and friends.
Dorothy Quinn, youngest daughter of Joseph and Ella Quinn, married Wes Runchey and lived in the Decker district, and died at her home August 16, 1974. Wes died November 2, 1976.
Helen Bailey their daughter went to school in Decker, one year in Crandall and on to Brandon College to receive her teachers certificate. She taught in Minnedosa, Manitoba and has retired and lives in Minnedosa. Her son David and his wife Maureen and family live just outside Minnedosa. Her daughter, Diane and Drew reside in Calgary, Alberta. Her younger son Shawn and his wife and family live in Dauphin, Manitoba.
Dorothy's younger daughter, Shirley Scarth's career was in nursing and her husband, Barry Scarth was in the R.C.M.P. They are enjoying their retirement home in the country just outside of West Port, Ontario. They have a family of four; Allan, Terry and family are living in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Michael, Alicia and family are in Toronto, Ontario; Robert, Aline and family live in Ottawa, Ontario; Karen, Jeff and family live in London, Ontario.
Vincent, youngest and only son of Joseph and Ella Quinn, was born in Crandall October 19, 1912 and passed away July 8, 1996 at his home in Vernon, British Columbia. He left Crandall for Saskatchewan where he took his Grade XII and attended teachers college in Regina and obtained his teaching certification. Because schools were hard to get at that time, he returned and worked around Crandall until his marriage to Marjory Catto. She says she heard him sing and was swept off her feet.
Their first home was a teacherage at a rural school, and they spent twenty-two years in the Earl Grey district. After ten years of teaching, Vincent became a bookkeeper and later became a manager of Earl Gray Cooperative, a strong movement at that time.
They moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan where they owned and operated a Dairy Queen and an A&W for the next thirty years.
For several years they spent winters in Arizona. Vincent and Marjory always became involved in all activities of the communities in which they lived.
Vincent, Marjory, 
Bernice & Wayne At Earl Grey their two children were born: Bernice in 1935 and Wayne in 1941.
Bernice graduated from Dental Hygiene at the University of Toronto. After graduation she worked for fifteen years at the university. Their move west brought them to Edmonton where three children were born Debbie, Gwen and Christopher.
Debbie and Andrew Giles live in Edmonton with their children, Erin and Alexander; Gwen and Dr. A. Knight reside in Edmonton; Chris and Brenda live in Calgary.
Wayne graduated from Swift Current and went on to University in Saskatoon and Calgary. His life was spent in Commerce and Development in Weyburn, Lethbridge and Edmonton. He spent two convalescing years in Vernon, British Columbia until his death May 26,1993.
Vincent and Marjory shared 62 years of their married life. The pictures were taken at their 50th anniversary. Marjory still resides in Vernon, a convenient distance from a golf course.