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The following information is from page 138 to 142 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Voth; Wallace; Warren; Watson; Weber; White; Willis

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Voth, John and Penny (nee Long)
Penny Suzanne was born in 1963 in Deloraine, Manitoba. She moved with her parents to Crandall in the winter of 1969-70 and was the last student to enroll in the Crandall School before it closed in June of that year, when they moved all the students to Hamiota to make room for the Birdtail River School Division offices. Penny graduated from Hamiota Collegiate Institute in June 1981. Penny attended the Herzing Institutes of Canada Career College in Winnipeg and graduated with honours in Computer Programming and Business Systems Analysis in August 1984. She married John Edward Voth of Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 4, 1987. Penny and John currently live in Winnipeg. Penny is a Project Manager for a computer systems integration firm and John works for Birchwood Motors as the Assistant Parts Manager. They have two children, Kyle John born in 1989 and Kaitlyn Suzanne born in 1992. Penny and John enjoy vacationing with friends and doing home renovations, when they are not too busy with their children's activities or work. Penny also is an avid gardener and John plays hockey in the winter.

Wallace, Spence and son Bill Wallace
Spence and his brother Perry both "answered the call" in World War I. They joined the army and served overseas although neither saw front line action. Spence settled on the William Wallace homestead on SE 6-13-25. He married Irene Crosby of Elkhorn, Manitoba in 1925. Irene was a teacher. To this union was born a son, Bill (Wm. Crosby) in 1929. Bill attended school in Arrow River, 2 years in Crandall, then grade 12 in Elkhorn. He remained on the farm with his folks until February 1955 when he began employment with the Trans Prairie Pipelines, which later became Norcan Energy Resources.
Spence and Irene retired from the farm in late 1962 and bought a home in Virden in early 1963. His interest continued in gardening, fishing and hunting. Irene took pride in the upkeep of her home that was welcome to all. Both took an interest and were active in Arrow River community affairs and to a lesser degree while in Virden. Both remained in their home, although some home care was required. Spence died December 22, 1983 and Irene May 5, 1986. Both rest in peace in the Virden cemetery.
Bill saw service with pipelines in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. After 30 years of service he returned to Virden to help his mother who was unable to be alone. He continues to live in their home in Virden.

Wallace, Roberta and family
Following Harvey's death in 1966, I have continued to live on the farm, (formerly the John Rudd farm). Brock and Kerry have mostly worked and lived in Alberta since school. Brock lives in Edmonton, Alberta, but due to a car accident he is unable to work. Kerry is working on the oilrigs at various sites with Red Deer, Alberta as his home base. He has three sons- Tyler in British Columbia and Dallas and Dane in Red Deer, Alberta.

Warren, Franklin Nicholas Stephen
Submitted by Mary (Nankivell) Warren
Frank was born on March 3, 1918 on the original farm and attended school at Palmerston and Arrow River. Frank passed away on April 22, 1999 in Brandon and is buried in the Crandall cemetery. His brother Clarence and sister Doris predeceased him.
Frank married Mary Patricia Nankivell also of Crandall on February 12, 1953. I was the youngest daughter of William and Eileen Nankivell, born in 1934 in Arrow River and attended school at Crandall. During our married life we resided mainly in Brandon, having spent a short time in Strasbourg, Saskatchewan. Frank worked for the Canadian Pacific Railroad for 28 years and finished his career at the Assiniboine Community College for the next 8 years. I worked at the coffee shops at Eaton's and the Brandon General Hospital until 1993 and now enjoy retirement, spending time with family and friends, enjoying Clear Lake, Manitoba and golfing in the summer months and a few holidays to warmer climates during the winter.
Frank and I were blessed with four children, one daughter and three sons, who all reside in Brandon.
Shirley (Robert Durnin) has two daughters, Kimberley and Lindsay.
Russell (Dawn Pujo) has three sons, Adam, Tyier and Kyle Robert (Vi Mowat) has two sons and two -step daughters, Derek, Justin, Jennifer aand Lindsay.
Tim (Susan Agnew) has two sons, Mitch and Matt.
The village of Crandall and its residents will always be remembered with many warm thoughts and always considered "Home".

Watson, Jean (nee Fleming)
I was born at Crandall in 1924, and took my schooling at the Crandall Consolidated School. I was employed by the Telephone Company, owned and operated by the
Miniota Municipality.
In June of 1945, I married Donald Watson, who was a pumpman for the Canadian Pacific Railway at Newdale, Manitoba. Carry was born in 1946, Denny in 1947 (deceased in 1948), and Dale in 1953. A year later the C.P.R. put in an electric pump. We purchased the local barbershop and poolroom, making living quarters in the same building. The boys took their schooling in Newdale and high school in Strathclair, Manitoba.
I started working in the post office in 1960 and retired in 1982.
Garry is employed by the Royal Bank and is at the Call Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1972 he married Louise Dorge of Winnipeg. They have two children, Cheryl and Chris. Dale is an electrician and carpenter, employed with Wil-Kraft Kabinets in Hamiota. In 1981 he married Roberta Morris of Strathclair. They have two children, Lana and Dane.
In 1991 Don and I purchased a house in Newdale and enjoyed our retirement. Don passed away March 28, 2000.

Webber, Norman and Kathaleen
Norman Webber married Kathaleen (Kay) Florence Eastcott on October 26, 1939 in the Oakburn United Church. They lived in Brandon, Shoal Lake, Kenton and Decker before settling on the farm 10 kilometres south of Crandall. Norman farmed the land, and raised horses, cattle and sheep. He also drove the school bus. Kathaleen helped Norman farm and raise the animals, and as well kept the house, worked in the garden, and raised their three daughters, Florence Elsie Darlene, born in 1941, Norma Sheila, born in 1945, and Theresia Marie born in 1954. Norman and Kathaleen continued to work and live on the farm until 1979 when they bought a house in Hamiota, Manitoba. They continued to enjoy gardening, fishing, golfing and camping until their later years. In 1998 they moved to Lilac Residence in Hamiota. Norman passed away in the Personal Care Home on April 20, 1999. Although Kathaleen was losing her sight and required care, she enjoyed visiting with her family and playing with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Kathaleen passed away on November 4, 2000 and is buried beside Norman in the Crandall Cemetery.
Florence Elsie Darlene attended school in Crandall until graduating in 1958. After graduation, she went to Brandon and took a secretarial course at Success Career College after which she worked in Brandon for the Manitoba Telephone System in the bookkeeping department. In 1960 she went to Shoal Lake, Manitoba and was a secretary for George A. Lauman, a lawyer. On December 30, 1961 she married Clayton Reid of Onanole, Manitoba. Their daughter Penny Suzanne was born in 1963, son Norman Jack born December 6, 1964 (deceased December 11, 1964) and daughter Patricia Louise born in 1968. After living in many places through their married life they moved back to Crandall in 1970 and separated. Darlene married Douglas John Long on March 2, 1974. Their daughter Lynda Leigh was born in 1977. Their family history appears elsewhere.
Norma Sheila attended school in Crandall graduating in 1963. She went to the Red River Community College in Winnipeg, Manitoba to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. On October 22, 1966, she married Ronald Everett Batho of Oak Lake, Manitoba. They had two daughters, Michelle Lynn born in 1969 and Tracy Lee born in 1971. Sheila was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away in April of 1982. Ron and Sheila raised registered Hereford cattle and were active on the board of the Hereford Association. Sheila enjoyed painting, her horses, crafts and was the Brownie leader.
Theresia Marie attended school in Crandall until its closing in 1970 then attended Hamiota to graduate in 1973. On December 28, 1973 she married Sidney John Lewis of Hamiota. They have three sons, Nathan James, born in 1979, Adam Michael born in 1983 and Patrick Scott born in 1992. Their family history also appears elsewhere in this book.

White, Gordon, Myrtle and Family
Myrt and Gord moved to Pope, Manitoba in 1954. After the store closed, they continued with the Post Office until Gord turned 65 in 1975. Pope remained their home until 1982 when they moved to Hamiota, Manitoba.
Myrt passed away in 1989. Gord then moved to Alsask, Saskatchewan where he lived for three years then moved to Melville, Saskatchewan.
In July of 1995, Gord married Emily Englat of Melville. In November 2000, Gord celebrates his 90th Birthday.
Myrt and Gord had four children.
Barry and Carolyn (nee 0'Connor) are still in Melville. Barry retired after working for 36 years as a signal maintainer for the Canadian National Railway. Their son, Bradley married Leona Klus of Goodeve, Saskatchewan. They have two boys, Barrington (15) and Brendon (11). They reside in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan where Brad owns and operates Meadow Lake Truck and Trailer. Their daughter, Coreen married Tim Shultz of Grayson, Saskatchewan. They have two children, Melanie (11) and Tyler (9). They reside in Melville where they own and operate Nellies Bakery. Their second son, Lyle married Stacey Taylor of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They have a daughter, Hailey (2 1/2). Lyle is a General Manager for Ghost Transportation and lives in Saskatoon.
Norma and Clair Shoemaker live in Melgrove, Ontario, outside of Toronto where Clair works for Norstar Development Corp. in Toronto, Ontario. Norma is retired from nursing. Their son Jeff married Michelle Stolg, from Acadia Valley, Alberta. They reside there and Jeff works for Dry Country Gas out of Oyen, Alberta. Michelle operated a hair salon. They have two children, Travis and Page. Their second son, Trevor married Justine Watson from Vancouver, British Columbia. They have a daughter, Faith. They reside in Lynden, Ontario where Trevor works for an air conditioning company. Justine is in car sales.
Craig and Sussi reside in Acadia Valley, Alberta where they farm. Sussi is a retired teacher. Craig works in the oil field consulting in reclamation. Ryan married Gillian McArthur of Calgary Alberta where they reside. Tara married Travis Grinale of Creston, British Columbia and they live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
After Brian finished high school he worked in Churchill, Manitoba as a meat cutter. He later worked for CN as a brakeman out of Hornepayne, Ontario until 1974 when he lost his life in a motorcycle accident at the age of 21.

Willis, George and Marlene (nee Amy)
George & Marlene Willis In 1971, we were living in Calgary very happily, after returning from six years in Sydney, Australia in 1969. It was wonderful to be near family again. Scott and Stuart were in elementary school, and were busy with hockey and soccer.
In 1974 George was asked to move to Dallas, Texas by Bridger Petroleum for whom he worked. It sounded exciting, so we were on the move again.
Twenty-five years later we are still here. We love the mild winters, and we find the people warm and friendly. After 17 years of watching the political system work here, we decided we wanted to become involved and be able to vote, so we became United States citizens in July of 1991. We haven't given up our Canadian citizenship though. Subsequently both Scott and Stuart also became US citizens.
Scott and Charmaine live in Oakland, California with Austin (2) and Sydney born in 2000. Scott works in the computer field and was very busy with Y2K projects.
Stuart and Sheri live in the Dallas area with little Luke (9 months). It is so much fun having Luke close to us. After Stuart married, he quit teaching and became a corporate trainer and loves it.
George is now semi-retired from the Oil and Environment business. I keep busy with my volunteer and church work, plus being a Grandma, which brings many pleasures to us both. We are travelling as much as we can now and are thoroughly enjoying it.
George (age 65) passed away peacefully at his home in Dallas, TX on November 13, 2000 after a 3 year battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis.