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History Book

The following information is from page 142 of Crandall History Book, 2000.


The Crandall History Book Committee wishes to thank all those who have helped in any way to make our book a success and a reality, those who contributed a family history and showed an interest in our new book. We would also like to thank those who made other contributions over and above the purchase of a copy of the book, your help was appreciated.
The update of the history book was suggested by Lynda Long at a reunion meeting and this suggestion was greeted enthusiastically so a committee was formed with Lynda as the editor and cover designer. Others on the committee, were Darlene Long, Neil Doupe, Aline de Montigny, Brian Johnston, Larry Dnistranski. Also Vel Doupe who proofread and Jan Carnegie who helped a great deal with the typing.
The committee apologizes for any errors or omissions that you may find in the book, we hope you can overlook these. This book was intended as an update to the previous Crandall history and complete histories to many of our pioneers were no longer available as they have passed on and the family has moved away.
Everyone's help was appreciated in making this book a possibility and we hope that the community, past residents and future generations enjoy it for years to come.