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History Book

Pages 21 to 22 of the Crandall History Book, 2000.

Royal Canadian Legion By Jan Carnegie

The local Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion is a Municipal branch, comprised of members from the Miniota, Crandall, Arrow River, Beulah and Isabella. Membership is declining with many members no longer living in the area, although they continue to buy their memberships each year. Attendance at meetings held quarterly, averages around ten members. We continue to support a few charities and attempt to keep the Legion's profile within the community visible. There are two cenotaphs within the municipality, one in Crandall, and one in Miniota. In earlier years, Memorial Day services were held in Miniota while Remembrance Day services were held in Crandall. Now, however, we manage the Remembrance Day service in Miniota United Church and have not in recent years conducted a Memorial Day service.

We achieved an excellent response to the annual Legion poster, essay and poetry contest from the teachers and students in Miniota Elementary School and are very proud of the fact that one student's poster entry in the 1999/2000 contest has advanced to the Dominion level. At the time of this writing we have not received word as to how the entry fared at that level.

Five years ago, Mr. Stuart Johnson, who travels throughout Europe to battle sites and military cemeteries, provided us with a memorable slide presentation in the Arrow River hall and in the Miniota Elementary school on November 10. Stuart will be returning this fall and we look forward to it.

We are trying to keep the Royal Canadian Legion alive in our community and we would welcome any new members. The sacrifice of so many young people who served in the two WorId Wars and Korea must never be forgotten.