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History Book

The following information is from pages 37-38 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

*On April 22nd 1928 at home in the Rossburn area there was no sign of spring.

*In the dry 30' s it was depressing walking to school and some days the dust storms were so bad you could hardly see the sun.

*June 18th 1935 it rained and rained for days and finally all the dust was washed down

* August 12th at 12:00 midnight harvest was just about to begin a nasty storm came up with 100% hail and in the morning you would swear someone had come and seeded the field.

*November 11th 1943 George Ariss was out plowing with 4 horses and a two furrow plough at Isabella MB. His shirt was rolled up and the flies were bothering the horses.

*October 7th 1959 snow fell and never went away. There was 24" in Crandall. Shilo roads had to be ploughed.

*July 11th, 1957 a nasty storm with some hail and a tornado at 8:30 PM demolished Jack Rockleys barn. Lyle Johns had a lot of damage in that area as well

* 1961 was the drought year for Crandall area as well as many other places.

*February 18th 1966 Edith (Ariss) Stephenson went to Winnipeg for a RN interview and it was 49 degrees below Fahrenheit in Winnipeg.

* July 1st 1961 Birtle sports snow flurries off and on all day

*July 15th 1959 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun at 5:00 PM

* 1950 flood in Winnipeg

*May 5th 1950 started to snow 4" and snowed and snowed. May 8th snowed and rained by May 9th there wasn't a phone line in order and the garden was up and the boys were making snowmen (Jerry and Donnie)

*October 9th 1978 Thanksgiving day in Virden 46 degrees above Fahrenheit at 9:00 AM and 72 degrees above Fahrenheit in the evening, played cards outside

*February 26th 1979 total eclipse of the sun

*April 27th 1984 snowed very hard in Virden, couldn't see elevator across the street

*September 6th 1985 0 degrees in Calgary and Lake Louise AB and snowing in Virden MB 58 degrees above Fahrenheit

*April19th 1992 Easter Sunday was 34 degrees above Fahrenheit. Brandon MB and 8:00 heaps of snow. People coming from Winnipeg had to go back at McGregor due to the highways being closed.

*August 6th 1995 66 degrees above Fahrenheit at 8:30 AM this was the day of Wallace and Hazel Hendersons 100th year of the farm it was 93 degrees above Fahrenheit in the shade

* August 17th 1995 94 degrees above Fahrenheit

* August 29th 1995 a very bad storm from the West. McAuley Decker Hamiota Cardale Decker church lost most of its stained glass windows

*Flood of the Century in 1997 around Winnipeg and South to Grand Forks and Fargo. Many homes lost and farms flooded

*December 25th 1997 Christmas day in Brandon MB 14 degrees above Fahrenheit at 7:30 AM folks in Miniota went golfing

* January 6th 1998 Quebec Ottawa and Montreal are battling a nasty freezing rainstorm no hydro for days

*February 27th 1998 54 cm of snow fell almost 2 feet took Greyhound bus 10 hours to come to Brandon from Winnipeg. (Should have taken 2 hours)

*October 27th 1998 sisters 60th wedding anniversary in Rossburn MB 70 degrees above Fahrenheit at 3:00 PM

* Spring 1999 Melita and area flooded not much seeding done

*January 20th 2000 total eclipse of the moon

*Winter for 1999 and 2000 was a very nice winter no one needed to go to Texas

*June 30 and July 1st and 2nd was the Home Coming reunion in Crandall. Very nice weather Temperature on June 30th was 63 degrees above Fahrenheit at 7:30 AM, July 1st 61 degrees AOF and 7:00 AM and 60 degrees above fahrenheit at 9:00 PM

*July 11 th 2000 Tornado hit Bill and Barb Gardhams home. Destroyed the workshop, quonset, truck shed, grain bin, the south half of the house roof is gone and the wall is moved, tossed machinery around, put the cultivator on the combine, the dog was missing but found dazed and confused 3 hours later. In the same night Hamiota reported 3" of rain in 1/2 an hour.