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History Book

The following information is from page 40 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Crandall School Reunion 1982

On Saturday, July 1, 1982 Crandall held its School Reunion and Homecoming. Eleven hundred and forty people registered for the two day event as well as quite a few unregistered guests.

On Saturday afternoon the parade was held with clowns and 62 entries winding through the streets of town. Bus tours of Crandall as well as to Carlingville, Chumah, Scotia and Palmerston districts were conducted following the parade. In the evening, a pancake supper was held followed by some entertainment. There were square dancers, the Hamiota Senior Orchestra, Russ Gurr, Gordie and Pearl Karnahan of Brandon, and Bill and Sue-On Hillman of Strathclair. Russ Gurr sang "The Scandals of Crandall", recollecting school year antics. This was followed by the beard-judging contest, an auction to auction off a quilt and cushions depicting the Crandall school and church with spokes radiating out from the centre to illustrate the five cairns of each former school district. The cushions featured each separate cairn and name of the district. Edward and Lorna Eastcott purchased this. A street dance was held with music from the Hamiota Harmony Music Makers to end the evening.

The church displayed several banners made by the Sunday School students. The Community Centre was the setting for displays of pictures, mementos, souvenirs, etc. An outstanding display was a 6x8-foot replica of the town of Crandall as it was at the height of its growth. Mrs. Myrtle (Irvine) Chuba made this. This model can now be viewed in the Miniota Museum.

An outdoor church service was held on Sunday morning conducted by Rev Tom Delgaty. Ken Smith, accompanied by Violet Smith, played a saxophone prelude, followed by two anthems from the Crandall Church Choir. Judy Reid (Smith) and Ken Smith sang a song written and accompanied by their mother, Violet Smith. The congregation joined in and sang a few hymns as well.

A dedication of the Bell Cairn was performed. The cairn is situated on the grounds of the old school grounds. Mr. Nelson Henderson made the dedication, with the unveiling by Mr. Elmer Douglas and Mr. Delymer Johnston.

The director of surveys from the Department of Natural Resources issued scrolls and maps to family members who lost a loved one in the Second World War, namely Mrs. Padfield, on behalf of her brother, George Padfield, and Mr. Bertram Lawrence, on behalf of his son, Kenneth. The maps and scrolls show islands in Island Lake, Manitoba named after these two men.

A drawing was then held for an afghan and cushions made by the former "Gray" twins, Betty Craig and Daisy Govenlock. Mrs. Edna (Warren) Frame, Crandall' s first schoolteacher, came forward to address the crowd. Also, Miss Ermina Shier, Mr. Allan Stevenson, Mr. Ralph Lee, and Mr. Bill Davison spoke of their time in Crandall, recollecting school years and humourous stories. The choir closed the afternoon program with some old familiar songs and "The Queen".

All weekend people visited and took pictures. Laughter and memories were shared by all. In a letter of appreciation, a former resident said, "The years rolled away and we were young school chums again." The weekend was closed with a cold plate supper. A lot of memories and good times were enjoyed by all.