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The following information is from page 63 to 70 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Davison; Decker; Denner; Dickey; Dickinson; Dnistranski; Douglas; Doupe

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Davison, William and Family
Bill Davison Family In the summer of 1957, William, Frances and their sons. Dale, Chris and Ryan came to Crandall. Kimberely, our fourth son, was born in September 1957. Michelle, our only daughter, arrived in November 1961. We lived in the second house east of the old school. Our neighbours were Mrs. Fowlie with daughters, Joanne and Beth to the west, and Mr. and Mrs. Roland Dickey to the east.
We found when we came, a wonderful community and a school filled with great kids. In our first year there were 17 kids in grade 10 (a big class) and a total of over 90 from grades 1 to 12. There were 5 teachers: Joan Teal (Foxton), 1-2; Mrs. Fowlie, 3-5; Myrtle Smuttell, 4-8; Doris Rampling, 9-10; and Bill Davison, 11-12.
The old school was demolished in the summer of 1958 and was replaced by the school that is now the Division Office. Some education incidents that come to mind are as follows. The Grade 11-12 classroom was in the basement of a one-room country school. Upstairs were Grades 1-2. On winter days, the furnace, snug against the students' desks, would start up regularly, and it was essential to "do the teaching" when the stoker was not running. This little basement had no chemistry lab, so the kids did their experiments in the lean-to on the east side of the 9-10 room. On winter days, we would schedule the lab for all day use, a good idea because we had to light up the wood stove, thaw out the chemicals and go to work. The 11-12 students would trek across from their room and do experiments while grades 9-10 were in session. One day Dune Mitchell, Dennis Johnston, Doug Long and Wayne Angus and others in grades 11-12 were scheduled to make hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg gas). They piped some of the gas under the door in the 9-10 room. Very quickly everyone got out of there. Fortunately, there is no record of punishments. However, there is no record of it ever happening again!
In the winter of 1958, we persuaded the Rink Board to allow student skating at noon. They agreed, and nearly every student bought a skating pass. The result was fitness, giving the principal the opportunity to coach winning teams of boys and girls hockey.
Crandall was supportive of our family and our children, and we had many good friends. That village, with its sociable, open, and safe surroundings was an ideal place to raise children.
Michelle Family All except one of our family have left Manitoba. Dale, Anne and three sons, live south of Quadra, Manitoba. Chris, Donna, a son and a daughter are in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kim with one daughter also lives in Halifax. Ryan, Jody, two boys and one girl are in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Michelle Davison-Roy, Rob, a girl and a boy are in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
We reluctantly left Crandall in 1962 in pursuit of more responsibility and with five kids, more money! We went to Griswold to live and from there, Bill earned a degree at Brandon University. In 1963, he went to Elkhorn as principal, and in 1967 went back to the Birdtail River School Division for 19 years as Superintendent of Education until retirement in 1986.
Frances also went on, and in 1977, graduated with a gold medal as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. We lived in Hamiota, Manitoba until 1977, and since then have enjoyed country living on our farm near Kenton, Manitoba.

Decker, Gerald and Margaret
Daughter of Joseph and Florence Kidd
After completing my Grade XI in Crandall, in 1945, I moved to Hamiota, Manitoba to learn hairdressing at Duncan's Hairdressing and Barbershop, later taking a finishing course at Nels Todds' Beauty Academy in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
I first met Gerald at a Norton Sports Day which at the time, was a yearly event held on the Norton farm north of Decker, Manitoba. Gerald was farming with his parents, Bert and Myrtle, and spending his winters taking courses- Agriculture, etc. at Brandon College, and Mechanics at Musker Engineering in Winnipeg. He also worked one winter at his Uncle Fred's garage in Decker.
In September 1947 Gerald and I were married in the Crandall United Church. Reverend Wilson officiated.
While farming with his parents, Gerald and I also rented a half section of land from Robert Van Norman in partnership with Reg Teal. We lived on the Van Norman homestead west of town, later owned by Jessie Wall.
In the fall of 1956, Gerald's parents retired to Hamiota and we moved back onto the home section, and eventually bought the land. Through the years, we also rented land from Mrs. Garnet Badger, Mrs. Raymond Foxton, and Mrs. Peter Shivas.
Along with our mixed farming, we always drove a school van to Decker and Hamiota and in later years a bus to Hamiota.
We have three children: Joanne (Jody), born in 1949, received her education in Decker and Hamiota, her Registered Nurse's degree in Winnipeg, her B.A., M.A. and PhD. in Toronto, Ontario and is currently an Associate Professor at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. She resides in Waterloo.
Dennis, born in 1952, received his education in Decker and Hamiota, a diploma in Computer Technology from the Red River Community College in Winnipeg and after eight years as Recreation Director in Hamiota, moved to Winnipeg and took some courses at the Providence Bible College. He is presently the director of Freedom Ministries based out of Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg. He is also a partner in "Chuck'n Decker" Construction.
Cheryl, born in 1955 also received her education in Decker and Hamiota and her Registered Nurses degree at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg. After nursing for a year at the Grace Hospital, she married Gordon Cormack and moved to Kenton, Manitoba where they farm and Cheryl has continued nursing full time at Hamiota Hospital. They have two children: Bradley, who is currently attending the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and Mardie, who is attending the Brandon University.
Through the years, Gerald and I were active in church and community activities. Gerald with the church, school, and local Pool Elevator boards, church choir, Cub and Scout leader, and a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge until it discontinued at Decker.
I continued hairdressing in our home and was an active member of the W.I, W.A, and W.M.S. and in 1962 was a charter member of the U.C.W., later years being made a life member. I taught C.G.I.T. and 4-H sewing and was in later years on the church board.
Our family was also involved with school, church, 4-H, music and rink activities.
Speaking of rink activities, I well remember one of our winter carnivals. I always enjoyed making costumes, so out of my "costume box" I dressed up our three children. (We didn't buy ready-made in those days). Then Donna Lints and I decided we would like to join the fun and after much discussion, we came up with the idea of going together as a clothesline! From the top of our heads down to our knees we each made ourselves into a pole, with heavy brown paper "borrowed" from Donna's dad at the Pool Elevator. We painted on some knotholes, especially around our eyes and mouth. Then we strung a clothesline between us, and on it hung the most delicate of lingerie. Lucky for us we didn't fall! I don't remember winning any prize, but we certainly had fun!
Gerald and I especially enjoyed curling and also the excitement and challenge of bonspiels at home and at surrounding towns.
Time for golfing was limited on the farm in the summer time, so we mostly golfed down south in the winter months, and after we retired to Hamiota.
In 1982 we celebrated 100 years of continuous family farming.
In July 1990 we retired to Hamiota, and Ed and Mona Butler rented our farm home. Gerald continued to farm from town for a year before selling the south half of 15-18-24 to Ed and Mona and the north half of 7-15-24 to Gerry and Linda Wilson.
In 1997 we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.
For almost 25 years we have spent our winter holidays in the southern States, mainly Florida. We have enjoyed many other trips, including to Scotland to renew acquaintances with a classmate of mine, Adam McPherson and his wife, Bette. Adam was a Scottish evacuee to Crandall during the 2nd World War.
Our last two winter holidays have been at Sidney by the Sea, near Victoria, British Columbia.
We are thankful that we've had such a good life, and are still able to enjoy time with our family and friends.

Denner, John C.
An update to the family history for myself is: John Charles Denner married Sam Denner on June 29, 1974. We have two daughters, Sarah Pearl Denner, born in 1975 and Rachel Denner was born in 1978.

Dickey, Alvy and Myrtle and Families
By Lois Muriel (Dickey) Daly
In 1948, having just graduated from Brandon College, I moved to South Burnaby, British Columbia, with my parents. Myrtle and Alvy Dickey. Gretchen and Lawrence Shetler (married in 1940) moved to Westbank, British Columbia, in 1944. Gretchen and I were the only two daughters. Alvy enjoyed his retirement in Burnaby for only four short years. He died suddenly in January of 1954. Myrtle continued to live in her own home until 1978. She often travelled across the country to visit friends and relatives. She came to Edinburgh, Scotland in 1954 and to Australia in 1970 to visit with me when we were on study leave. For eight years, Myrtle lived in a senior's home until her death at 92 years of age in February 1987. Alvy and Myrtle are buried in Ocean View cemetery in Burnaby, B.C.
I worked in Burnaby and Vancouver for four years before my marriage in 1952 to Rev. Gordon Daly of Cartwright, Manitoba. We made our home in Brookdale, Manitoba for a year before moving to Edinburgh for two years where Gordon studied theology at the New College. Our return to Canada with the United Church took us to Northwestern Ontario (Cochenour, Balmertown and McKenzie Island), Swan River, Manitoba, St. Amaud, Australia and Thunder Bay, Ontario. In 1980 we moved to Calgary, Alberta where I still make my home. Gordon died of cancer in Calgary in 1989.
My three sons and one daughter, Bruce (1954), Lorne (1958), Marlene (1959) and Mark (1963). One daughter Claudia, born in 1953, died in Cochenour, Ontario in 1957. Bruce married Valerie Mills, a nurse, from Brandon, Manitoba in 1977. Bruce is a doctor in Kenora, Ontario and he and Val have a family of three, Meghan (1982), Rebecca (1984) and Andrew (1986).
Lorne worked in Calgary for 20 years with Eatons and married Elena Barientos in 1996. Elena works at the Bethany Seniors Centre in Calgary.
Marlene, employed at Mount Royal College, married Dave Mellow, an instructor at Mount Royal, in 1991. Marlene previously worked at Petro Canada. Dave is presently in a Philosophy program at the University of Calgary.
After graduation from the University of Calgary, Mark moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1987. He married Chiang Li in 1994 after they both received law degrees. They have made their home in Hong Kong since 1994. Their son, Connor, was born in 1999.
Gretchen and Lawrence and family of two sons, Paul and Neil, and one daughter, Yvonne, continued to live in British Columbia after their move from Manitoba in 1944. In 1947, they moved from Westbank to Burnaby, British Columbia where Lawrence worked as a heavy-duty mechanic. He later worked for Sears and retired in 1976. He died in January of 1999. Gretchen lives in Kinsmen Place Lodge in Surrey, British Columbia. Paul, Yvonne and Neil and families live in Aldergrove, White Rock and Westbank respectively. Gretchen has five grandchildren: Shauneen, David, Jeffrey, John and Danielle, and one great grandson, Matthew.

Dickey, John and Anita
John and Anita Dickey (Schoch) took their schooling at Crandall and shortly after graduating were married. John's career was working with the Royal Bank of Canada, having started at Hamiota and ending his career 38 years later at Morden, Manitoba on December 31, 1992. During this period, they lived at 11 different towns and cities and had two boys named Brent and Scott. Both Brent and Scott are married and are presently living in Brandon. After retiring from the bank, John and Anita moved to Killarney where they presently live at Killamey Lake.
Brent and Cathy (Stevenson) have three children- Erin, Katrina and Eric. Scott and Lisa (Tanner) have two children- Selina and Maddison.
John's parents- Claude and Helen Dickey are buried at the Crandall cemetery. Anita's parents- Bob and Annetta Schoch are also buried in the Crandall cemetery.

Dickinson, Eric and Edna (nee Murdoch)
I was born in Crandall 75 years ago to Eva and Bill Murdoch. With two brothers and two sisters, we had a busy wonderful life. I attended the Crandall school from Grade I-XII. We had a no-frills education with gym and music only on Friday, if the class didn't misbehave. We played dodge ball and baseball at recess. In the winter we played fox and goose in the snow, or indoor curling with wooden rocks if the weather was too cold. Vivian Stevenson was a very close girl chum. We went home every day for lunch and were always met at the gate by our faithful old dog. Rex. Mother was always sitting at the kitchen window knitting our toques, mitts and scarves.
My Dad was a Grain Buyer for the Manitoba Pool Elevator No. 100. This of course affected his health, so we moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1939. My brothers, Les and Stan had been overseas and Rena was in Calgary. Mavis stayed behind and married John Smyth.
At the local rink, my dad curled and we all ice-skated or played hockey. One fateful night the roof fell in on the rink because no one would pay the local boys 10 cents each to shovel off the snow. We had all been in the rink at a carnival hour's earlier- except Mum who chose to stay home and make our cocoa.
My sisters, Rena and Mavis, and I sang in the local choir with practice every Thursday evening and Sunday school and church every Sunday. After Sunday lunch we would drive to the Assiniboine River where Dad would fish for hours. We also competed in the Hamiota festival. Olive Smith and I won first in Brandon, Manitoba. I still have many ribbons and had a great music teacher in Gladys Kirton.
I met and married Eric Dickinson in 1944 and we have been happily married for 55 years being blessed with four lovely daughters, four granddaughters and one grandson. We've had a busy life with lodge work (the Fraternal Order of Eagles) for both of us, and myself singing barbershop harmony with the Lions Gate Chapter of Sweet Adelines for 23 years.
We returned to Crandall in 1982 and are looking forward to the Crandall reunion in 2000.
My Dad, Bill Murdoch passed away in 1964 at the age of 80. My mom Eva Murdoch passed away in 1984 at the age of 96. My brother Les died in 1991 at the age of 76, my sister Rena died in 1995 at 77 years of age and my brother Stan died in 1968 at 48 years of age.

Dnistranski, Larry and Family
While working at the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, I met Eileen, daughter of Corrine and Walter Geotz of Nesbitt. We were married on October 11, 1969.
We lived in Wawanesa, Manitoba where we both worked for the insurance company. In 1972, I was transferred to Winnipeg, Manitoba and Eileen acquired a job at the Bank of Montreal. Our stay in Winnipeg was short, and in the fall of 1972, we bought the Wallace Hyndman house and returned to Crandall.
That same year we bought land from Garnet Johnson, started a small herd of cattle and thus started our lives as farmers.
In 1976 we moved to the farmhouse and my parents moved a mobile home onto the farm site where they still reside today. Our farming spans over a period of 28 years, and we have had the good fortune of acquiring several other holdings, including land from the late Delymer Johnston, Mike Chuba, my Dad's farm, and we rent land from J. Dickey.
The homestead of Mike Chuba (renamed Paradise Lodge) has seen several faces pass through its doors. Every fall for the past 12 years, it comes alive with young would-be hunters and old timers. We get together for two weeks in November for the annual hunt and a time of comradeship.
When we first came back to farming I drove a school bus to supplement our income. Eileen worked different jobs and is presently working for the Hamiota District Health Centre.
We have one daughter Kimberley, who was born in 1974. She took her schooling in Hamiota. Kim was interested in horses from an early age and spent nine years in the Decker Country Rider 4-H Club. Over the years, Kim has shown in many local fairs and has competed in Brandon at some of the larger shows.
On July 2, 1994 Kim married Brian Park, son of the late Don and Donna Park. They have two children, Ashyton Alexandra (Alex) born in 1996 and Riley Hunter born in 1999.
Kim works part time at the Hamiota Dental Clinic. Brian is the facility foreman for the Sports Complex in Hamiota and runs a small sandblasting business of his own. Kim, Brian and their family live on the Park family farm.

Douglas, Delia
Delia was born in the Ravine District on September 22, 1907 to James and Isabella Douglas. Upon completion of school she took her nurses training at the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg Manitoba and then worked at the Shriner's Hospital in Winnipeg until retiring in 1973.
Delia moved back to Crandall and resided in the James Douglas house with her brother Elmer. After his death in 1983 she continued to live in the house until 1986 when she moved into Hamiota House, now Evergreen Place in Hamiota, Manitoba. In 1993 she moved to Lilac Lodge and due to failing health she moved to Birch Lodge in 1999 where she still resides.
She celebrated her 90th birthday in September 1997 and continues to have fairly good health.

Douglas, Donald and Grace
To continue the account of the Donald Douglas family published in 1971 in the Chronicles of Crandall, Donald and Grace retired to Miniota, Manitoba in 1963. They lived there happily until Grace passed away in December 1973. Donald remained in Miniota until he moved to a seniors' home near Roblin, Manitoba. Later he was able to move into a nursing home in Roblin to be near his daughter, Ivy and husband Frank Campbell and their family. He passed away in 1980. Both he and Grace are buried in the Arrow River cemetery.
Daughter Donna married Stuart Johnson, and taught in Isabella for a number of years while Stuart worked as a telegrapher for the Canadian Pacific Railway at Elkhorn, Brandon, and Shoal Lake, Manitoba. Then he went back to school, took his teacher training, his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees. In 1966, they moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba where Donna taught in Fort Garry and Stuart taught in St. James. At present they are enjoying retirement.
Daughter Viola and husband Doug McElroy have lived in Flin Flon, Manitoba since 1957 and are retired there now. Their son, Don, wife Heather and sons, Brett (21) and Wade (16) live and work in Flin Flon. Wade is still in school. Their daughter, Shannon, and husband Tom McFetridge, live in Winnipeg with their daughters Alyson (14) and Erin (12).
Daughter Ivy and her husband Frank Campbell live in Roblin, Manitoba where they are both retired. Their history appears elsewhere in this book.
Daughter Jean, husband Jim Carnegie and son Cameron, still live in Kamloops, British Columbia. Jean and Jim are both retired, supposedly, but Jim still gets called to work at a golf course in the springtime. They both belong to a slo-pitch ball team and enjoy golfing.

Doupe, Ben and Audrey
Ben retired on December 31, 1986 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ben and Audrey had a happy 12 years of retirement. After a short illness with ALS Ben passed away on February 23, 1999. Audrey lives in Winnipeg.

Doupe, Harold and Joyce
Harold retired in 1980 and settled in St.Vital, an area of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Joyce passed away in April of 1995.
Marilyn became Mrs. Clausen while in Denmark but returned to Canada with a daughter Annika (Rikke) born in 1970. Rikke married Andy Pineau (born 1968) in June 1995. They have two children, Barret Gordon born 1997 and Alexis Joy Cassandra born in 1999.
Joan's husband, Ralph, passed away in 1997. Their daughter Kristine (born in 1964) has two sons from two marriages. Brendon Storm Kovacs (born in 1994) and Spencer Bryant Smith (born in 1997).
All presently reside in St.Vital.

Doupe, Neil and Jody (nee Allan)
After graduating from Hamiota High School in 1978, I spent 2 years travelling and working mostly in construction. After returning from a youth exchange program in Australia, I found employment in Alberta at a farm machinery dealership as a parts counter manager.
In 1985, I moved home to farm with my parents Stan and Vel. My farming career had started previous to this with the purchase of the Schmidt half section (formerly Ted Shier's) in 1979. Until 1985, I had rented that land to my parents. At that time I began renting land from Brian Johnston and later from Keith Kirk.
The first few winters after returning home, I found employment working in Northern Alberta; mostly construction and oilfield related jobs. In 1988, I purchased the Douglas house at the north end of Crandall.
I continued working in Alberta in the winters, mostly in the ski industry, until 1990. The 1990's saw me returning to Australia three times, working on a large grain farm on two of these occasions.
In 1995, I met my future wife, Jody Allan of Rivers. The fall of 1997 found us moving to the farm as my parents retired into Hamiota. The following summer, we were married at the farm. We both enjoy living in the country and taking part in community activities. Marquette Regional Health Authority currently employs Jody and I am active in other projects off the farm as well.
Our first child, a daughter Jacinta May was born in 2000.

Doupe, Ronald and Noraleen
Ron is the son of Benjamin Hartwell and Gladys Irene Doupe. Ron attended the Brandon College for four years and then worked on a geology survey. This transient life did not suit Ron. He became interested in Municipal clerk duties, as well as the stenographer, Noraleen Cockwill of Balgonie, Saskatchewan, whom he married in 1954. He remained as Municipal Administrator of a Rural Municipality, Administrator of Marsden and Insurance agent until 1995 at which time Ron and Noraleen retired in Marsden. Ron and Noraleen have 2 sons- Colin (1958) is married to Susan (Betts) and lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta where Susan teaches and Colin has a Certified Accountants practice. Colin and Susan have 3 sons, Eldon (16), Errol (14) and Eryk (12).
Grant (1962) is married to Carma Lee (Kent). Grant and Carma Lee have 2 children, Lauren (9) and Kenton (5). Carma Lee teaches; Grant is a Rural Municipal Administrator. They live at Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Doupe, Stan and Vel (nee Sherritt) and Family
Their four sons all graduated from the Hamiota High school.
Scott earned a Science degree from the Brandon University in 1979. He enjoyed seven years with the musical group "Up With People", travelling to several countries was a vast experience. On December 19, 1981 Scott and Barbara Lints were married in the Decker United Church. Three children were born to them, Alyssa in 1984, Kristen in 1987 and Timothy in 1988. Scott, Barb and their family currently live in Calgary where Scott is a partner of Conroy Partners Limited, Executive Search and Management Consultants. Barbara is a Speech Language Pathologist.
Glenn obtained a degree in Arts from the University of Winnipeg. In 1986, he graduated from the Winnipeg Health Science Centre as a Registered Nurse. Glenn moved to Vancouver in 1987, nursing at each of the Shaunghnessy and St. Paul's Hospitals. For a few years he sang with the Vancouver Men' Choir. In 1993-1994 Glenn travelled to work in Saudi Arabia, a challenging experience! One highlight was a holiday in Thailand. Currently, Glenn works as a nurse at the St. Paul's Hospital Intensive Care Unit in Vancouver.
Neil returned home in 1985 to farm with his parents. Neil now farms the family homestead and his family's history will appear elsewhere.
Malcolm's youth was busy with baseball, hockey and music. Being our youngest son, we as parents had more time to follow Malcolm's involvement, thus meeting many wonderful people - a time in our lives we enjoyed. Upon graduating from high school, Malcolm played hockey with the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon.
Malcolm attended the University of Manitoba, where he received an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and a Master's degree in Science. He is currently completing his doctoral degree in Community Health Sciences. In addition to his schooling, Malcolm worked for the University of Manitoba for several years. He is employed as a Research Associate, Department of Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba.
In 1979 Stan became a crop insurance adjuster, first working with the Birtle Office and now the Hamiota Office. Stan enjoys talking with the farmers.
In July of 1979, our sons surprised us by hosting a celebration in honour of our 25th wedding anniversary at the Crandall Community Centre. On July 4th, 1982 we hosted a 100-year celebration of the family farm at the farm site. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with family, relatives and friends on July 17,1994.
Stan and Vel have always been involved with the church and community serving on various boards. Vel has been a dedicated member of the Crandall U.C.W. Stan has served on the cemetery committee for many years and continues to keep the records.

Doupe Family Our farming years have been gratifying and memorable. However the time came for us to pass the homestead on to Neil and Jody, the fourth generation. In 1997 we built a home in Hamiota. We moved from the farm to our new home on October 13, 1997. We are gradually feeling more comfortable in our new home and becoming more involved in the community. Stan continues crop insurance, curling and golfing, Vel enjoys cross-country skiing and skating. We both enjoy gardening and bridge. Stan continues to help Neil with the farming. We are both thankful for our family, and to return to the farm for a visit.