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The following information is from page 70 to 74 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Eastcott; Elliot; Evans; Faulkner; Fleming; Furgason-Kessler;
Gray; Hall; Heise

Eastcott, Edward and Lorna (nee Lee) and Family
Like other families our three daughters completed their schooling and left for greener pastures. They eventually all ended up with office careers and accounting.
Yvonne, worked at the Royal Bank in Miniota.
Cheryle took a hairdressing course before her banking job. She has always said she has never regretted it since. She is now her families' "Official Barber".
Dianne was a bookkeeper at Gulf Oil in Hamiota for seven years.
Eventually all three ended up in Alberta.
Dianne now has an acreage out of Olds, Alberta. She is a clerical accountant at Olds College, and when she has time shows her beautiful American-Saddlebred horses. As well she boards a few extra horses, and also two students from the college call her home theirs for a good part of the year.
Cheryle and Rob Jones have a son Tyier (9) and a daughter Logan (7). Cheryle is a stay at home mom. She home schools her children. She and her family live in Blackfolds, Alberta.
Yvonne and Mike Sekeyra live in Washington State, as does our oldest granddaughter, Tracy Sheane. Tracy helps her mom run a training stable of Morgan horses. They show all over the United States. They are very busy in the show circuit.
We have stayed farming, although the majority of our land is rented out. Edward has kept his cow-calf operation, although much smaller than years gone by. He has never lost an interest in farming nor ever will! We have had our share of sad times, especially in 1986; we lost Edward's brother Perry on August 19, my mother Winona Lee on November 19 and Don Baragar (Diane's husband) on May 13, 1987. My father, Charles R. Lee, passed away ten years previous to my mother. Edward's mother, "Grandma Eastcott" passed away on January 15, 1990. She had spent nearly 8 years at Birch Lodge in Hamiota, Manitoba.
Edward and Perry farmed together for more the forty years. A day in particular that we will never forget was in the following spring after Perry died, when Edward was getting the different machinery ready to put the crop in and when he brought out "Perry's outfit" and there was no Perry around. This really seemed to hit us.
Dear friends and relatives hosted a surprise 50th anniversary party for us in July 1999. My brother Gerry and his wife Evelyn's 50th anniversary was in the same year. Eve and I both thought we deserved a medal- for making it to the 50th year!
I've lived all my life in the Crandall district and I have many, many happy memories of school years. The times at the rink, the sports days, picture shows every Friday and Saturday nights and the Christmas concerts, dances, etc. I well remember when the streets of Crandall on a Friday and Saturday night were so full of cars, people had trouble finding a place to park, we were "big time" then; three stores, meat market, hotel, garages, hardware, elevators, train station, etc. I also never forget the kind community that gave our girl's lovely bridal showers and us a lovely anniversary gift. I'm sure our "Crandall Rose" will bloom for many years.
As for myself I was very thrilled to receive my honourary directorship in the Hamiota Agriculture society and the Manitoba American Saddlebred Association. Last fall I finally received my judging card from the Canadian Equestrian Federation. I've held a provincial card for a long time and have been judging light horses and ponies for more that twenty years. It was a real honour for me to judge miniature horses at Red Deer, Alberta and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. A dear "horse" friend gave me a fridge magnet that pretty well sums it all up: "God forbid that I should go to any Heaven in which there are no horses!"

Elliot, Don and Bernice
By Mayme Hirst
My sister Bemice and Don Elliot are still in Rivers, Manitoba. Don is retired from the Manitoba Telephone System and Bernice from the Rivers Personal Care Home. They have two daughters, Pat and Cindy.
Pat married Richie Peters of Cardale where they presently farm. Pat became a registered nurse, however she gave up on that and works at a cresting company in Brandon. Pat and Richie have three sons, Chad born in 1986, Scott in 1988, and Tyson in 1991. All three boys are really into hockey and baseball. Chad referees hockey as well as playing.
Cindy married Robert Lee of Winnipeg. Rob works in the Pharmaceutical industry in Winnipeg. Cindy and Rob have two children, a daughter Kiana, born in 1992 and a son Keegan born in 1994. Both children attend a French Immersion school in Edmonton, Alberta.

Evans, Marian (nee Smuttell)
Marian and Bill Evans continue to reside in Winnipeg. All three children and their families live in the surrounding area. Bill retired from the Health Sciences Centre in 1992 from the position of Senior Director of Property Services. Marian gave up nursing when the children were born and in 1975 she began giving private piano lessons. She resumed her music studies and attained her teacher's diploma. She plans to retire in 2000. Bill and Marian enjoy the summer months with family and friends at their cottage in the Whiteshell and hope to travel to warmer climates in the winter.

Faulkner, Tari Gayle (nee Johnston)
Born in 1963 in Brandon, Tari daughter of Dennis and Helen Johnston graduated from the Shilo high school in 1981. After graduation, she joined the staff of the Royal Bank of Canada where she continued her education by taking courses by correspondence. She is presently Manager of Customer Services at a Branch of the Royal Bank in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Tari enjoys playing volleyball, watching her two sons play hockey, reading and doing cross-stitch.
Tari met her husband, David Curtis Faulkner, on the volleyball court at the Shilo High School. The rest is history. They were married in Shilo on August 28, 1982. David was born in Germany in 1961, where his father was serving with the Canadian Military. David graduated from the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba in 1981. He joined the Shilo Fire Department as a fire fighter. He has taken many courses at the Manitoba Fire College and at CFB in Borden, Ontario. He has recently accepted a position with the Saskatoon Fire Department as an inspector/investigator. David enjoys playing hockey, weight lifting, scuba diving, and spending time with his sons.
Craig David Faulkner was born in 1984 in Brandon. He is currently in Grade 9 at Vincent Massey High School. Hockey, scuba diving, camping and taking driving lessons are Craig's present past times.
Brent Richard Faulkner was born in 1986 in Brandon. He is currently in Grade 8. His past times are hockey, roller blading, camping and hanging out with his friends. Both boys are anticipating their move to Saskatoon.

Fleming, Jack and Ada
Ada has continued to live on the family farm with her brother Jack. They moved into their new modern home on the same homestead of the family.
Both Jack and Ada help out in the community and help their neighbours whenever needed. Ada has been a valuable asset to the community; she is always available to help in the kitchen or serve tea at any community event. Ada was treasurer of the U.C.W. for 20 years. She also taught Sunday school in the Crandall United Church for 15 years. Ada likes to read, knit, cook, cross-stitch etc.
Jack farms the land and looks after his sister, Ada. He enjoys curling in the winter and working outdoors.

Furgason-Kessler, Jean S.
I was born and raised in the Ukraina District, which is just north of Dauphin, Manitoba. In the spring of 1972 my children, Kathy age 2, Angie age 4, and Donald age 7, and I moved into the elevator house at Pope, Manitoba. In the fall of 1973 I married Jim Lobban but unfortunately this ended in a separation in 1979, and we were divorced in 1982. My children and I remained in the area. I worked at the Hamiota District Health Centre until 1987 when I took a job with the Manitoba Government and commuted to Brandon. I was active in the Crandall United Church as well as community activities. Kathy, Angie and Donald took part in the Junior Choir and Sunday school and Angie was confirmed into the Church. My life was spent raising my family and taking part in their activities, which included Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Sunday school and numerous sports.
Donald left school and joined the Navy in 1985. He was discharged from the Navy and now resides at Dawson Creek, British Columbia.
Angie graduated from Hamiota Collegiate, took Business Administration at the Assiniboine Community College and later received her teaching degree from Brandon University. Angie has a daughter Kathleen "Danielle". They live in Wapella, Saskatchewan with Angies special friend Mark and she teaches at Whitewood, Saskatchewan.
Kathy graduated from Hamiota Collegiate, took Justice and Law Enforcement at the University of Winnipeg, joined the R.C.M.P. in 1990 and is presently stationed at Vancouver and resides in Coquitlam, British Columbia.
In 1992, I married Harry Kessler from Wapella, Saskatchewan. I kept my job with the Manitoba Government in Brandon and continued to live at Pope. Eventually I gave up my job in Brandon and moved to Wapella in 1996. I was unable to find permanent work in the area and in 1997 I took a job in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan at the Hospital as Administrative Assistant. However, this was too far and in the fall of 1998 I returned to Wapella. In 1999 I was able to secure employment at the Hamiota District Health Centre and I could move back to my home. At present. Harry remains in Wapella as he is unable to drive and finds it difficult to live in the country. Fortunately, I am close to Wapella and we are able to spend time together.

Gray, Charles (Family)
Since the last history, Harvey passed away in 1991. His wife Ruby still resides in Hamiota. Hazel lives in her home in Winnipeg. Her husband, Bert passed away in 1997. Georgina (Hyndman) resides in the Salem Nursing Home in Winkler, Manitoba. Her history is elsewhere in this book.

Gray, Cliff and Jean (nee Ross)
Cliff and Jean moved from Crandall to Lilac Residence, Hamiota, Manitoba in 1985. Cliff passed away in Birch Lodge, May 20, 1997 in his 93 year. At the time of writing, Jean is a resident of Birch Lodge, having celebrated her 89th birthday, April 2, 2000.
Cliff's sister, Florence Calder, passed away in 1995, having been a resident of Morley House, Shoal Lake, Manitoba since 1977. Her husband, Hector predeceased her in 1981.
Other sisters: Ruby Webb, passed away in Prince Albert in 1984; Daisy Govenlock in 1989 in Neepawa and her husband Walter in 1984; Betty Craig resides in Swan River with her son, George. Betty's other son, Jim (Marilyn) retired to Kenora, Ontario.
Jean is the only surviving member of her family. Her sister, Mary Foster (Angus) passed away in Winnipeg in 1978. Her brother, Jim (Noreen), in Riondel, British Columbia in 1997 and her brother. Bill (Eileen) in White Rock, British Columbia in 1999.

Hall, Malcolm and Family
Malcolm, Peggy, Colin and Colleen left Canada in 1987 and moved to England. They are now living in Billericay, Essex, which is a village with a population of about 35,000 people located in the south east of the country (about 35 miles from London).
Malcolm runs his own business as an Independent Financial Advisor under the trade name of Hallquin Associates. Peggy teaches mathematics at a school in Billericay and is also Deputy Head of the Mathematics Department. The enrollment in the school is approximately 1500 pupils.
Colin is now eighteen years of age and is attending university, taking Business Studies, at the University College London.
Colleen is now sixteen years of age and is in her first year of A-levels (University entrance) at school. She will finish her A-levels in June 2001 following that she hopes to attend Oxford or Cambridge University to study Law.
My parents Herald and Helen Hall sold the farm and enjoyed many years of golfing and fishing. They still reside in their home in Crandall.

Heise, Art and Margaret
In the spring of 1954, Art Heise of Isabella rented section 3-14-25 from Jack Norton, formerly from Decker.
We rented this land for 8 years and then bought it in 1962. We intended to live on this farm, but a chance to buy my father's farm changed our plans. We sold 3-14-25 to Stan and Anne Tutkaluke in 1964.
I married Margaret Coutts on July 21, 1956. We raised three children, Lenore Adele, born in 1957, Arla Joyce, born in 1960 and Kendall Lorne, born in 1962.
When Isabella school closed, our children went to Crandall school until the new Hamiota Elementary school was built.
Adele married Brian McConkey and they live in Swift Current, Saskatchewan with their three children, Michelle, Laura and Ian.
Arla married Reed Winstone and they live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with their three children, Travis, Arden and Hayden.
Kendall married Angela Eschenwecker and they live at Isabella with their two daughters, Karina and Jessica.
Although we never lived on 3-14-25, we still feel we were a part of Crandall community.

Heise, Dave and Margaret (nee Doupe)
Margaret continued teaching at the Birtle Collegiate Institute until June 1979. Dave continued farming. In 1998 they moved to a condominium in Hamiota, Manitoba.
Sandra married Don Armitage of Miniota, Manitoba. Don was a veterinarian in Alberta and then returned to Miniota to farm. Sandra was a social worker and then developed a "Soup" industry out of their home in Miniota. They have three children Brian (19), Lyle (16) and Kerilee (12).
Allan continued farming but is now renting the farm and is working his own income tax service.
Carolyn graduated as a Dietitian and works at present in Selkirk, Manitoba. She is married to Rob Somerville of Winnipeg and they commute to work in Selkirk. Rob is a speech pathologist. They have two girls, Tegan (8) and Chelsea (6).