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The following information is from page 79 to 82 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Hodgins; Howard; Hunkin; Hyndman

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Hodgins, Ken and Donna (nee Smuttell)
We lived in Regina, Saskatchewan for 15 years (1965-1980) where our three children were born. The Provincial Government employed Ken in the Public Health field. Donna was a stay at home mom involved in the church, school and community activities. We have been living in St. Albert, Alberta since 1980. Ken is still working in Public Health. Donna enjoyed nursing again for fifteen years and is now retired and busy with hobbies and volunteer work. Our children are living in St. Albert, Alberta; Vancouver, British Columbia; and San Francisco, California. We enjoy travelling and have had several enjoyable trips to Hawaii, Mexico, the United States, Britain and Australia.

Howard, Russell and Betty
Russ & Betty Howard Betty was born in 1933, the oldest daughter of Roy and Dorothy Amy. She received her education at Crandall, Hamiota, Manitoba and at Winnipeg Normal School and taught school at Lenore, Manitoba for two years.
On October 16, 1954 Betty and Russell Howard, only son of Whitfield and Elizabeth Howard of Miniota, Manitoba exchanged wedding vows. Russell was born in 1928. At this time, Russell's parents retired to live in Brandon, Manitoba while Russell and Betty began their life on the mixed family farm at Miniota, Manitoba.
They were blessed with three children: Terrance Russell was born in 1957. He received his education in Miniota, Birtle, Manitoba and took a two-year course in Electronics at the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. Terry has worked for 19 years with Sask-Tel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He married Anna Farquhar of Birtle on September 13, 1980. Anna was born in 1959. They have three children; Jeanine, born in 1983; Jason born in 1985 and Tyier born in 1987.
Cynthia Marlene was born in 1960. She received her education in Miniota and graduated from the Birtle Collegiate in 1978. Cindy has worked for the Department of Natural Resources in Winnipeg as Administrative Secretary, for Brandon Mental Health Centre and for the Department of Energy and Mines in Virden. Since her eleven-year marriage to Rodney Gardham was dissolved, Cindy has been working for the Colt Engineering Company in Calgary, Alberta.
Ross Whitfield was born in 1964 and received his education in Miniota, Birtle and the Brandon Assiniboine Community College, taking a two year Agricultural Mechanics course. He worked at Clements in Shoal Lake, Sherwood in Virden and had his own shop "R and L Repair" in Rivers, purchased in 1989. On August 6, 1988, Ross married Leona Rae of Brandon. She was born in 1965. They have two children Whitney, born in 1990 and Jordan born in 1994. In October 1997, upon retirement of his parents to Miniota, Ross, Leona and family closed the shop at Rivers and moved home to the family farm.
On October 16, 1994, Russell and Betty celebrated their 40th Anniversary when their family hosted a social for family and friends in their honour. During the past years they have enjoyed golfing, curling and all community activities as well as supporting the Anglican Church.
In October 1997, Betty and Russell moved from their farm to their new retirement home in Miniota. They have enjoyed the last twelve winters in Arizona or Texas as Snowbirds.

Hunkin, Larry and Doreen (nee Lelond)
Since 1971 there have been several changes in our family. My husband Larry became ill in the summer of 1971, and after trips to hospitals in Hamiota and Winnipeg; he passed away in Winnipeg on January 31, 1972. The funeral was held February 4, 1972 from the Crandall United Church to the Arrow River cemetery.
My daughter Wilma and I had moved to Hamiota in November 1971 to be close to the hospital. I never returned to the farm to live. I rented the farm for two years and then it was sold. Todav the owners are Ken Hunkin who bought the north half section and Ron and Wilma Campbell, the home place.
After working at various jobs Allan was working in Brandon when he met and married Debra Bullee of Brandon. They were married January 28, 1972 and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1975 and Langley, British Columbia in 1985. They divorced in 1992. They have one son Larry William born in 1972. Larry attended school in Brandon, Winnipeg and Langley. He now works with his dad in a computer and Internet business.
Wilma attended the Hamiota Collegiate taking grade twelve, later going to Winnipeg, Manitoba to take a course at Angus School of Commerce. On November 27, 1976, she married Ken Badger of Shoal Lake. They had one daughter, Karla Michelle, born in 1978. Ken was killed in a farm accident on August 3, 1978. He is buried in the Shoal Lake cemetery.
Karla attended school in Hamiota and is attending the University of Winnipeg. She will graduate in 2000. Karla plans to continue her studies.
Wilma worked at the Hamiota Co-Op before she met and married Ron Campbell of Isabella on July 11, 1993. They have two daughters Holly Maxine born in 1994 and Julie Patricia Catherine born in 1996, Wilma currently works at the Post Office in Isabella.
Beginning in 1972, I worked at the Hamiota Hospital for nine years. I am now retired and living in Hamiota.

Hyndman, Grant
My father, Wallace died in 1970 and my mother Winnifred, in 1972. Both are buried in the family plot in Crandall.
Our daughter, Marilee married Shayne Minion in 1992. They make their home in Edmonton, Alberta. Shayne is a geologist and Marilee works for the Alberta Teachers Association. They have adopted one son, Nathan.
Our son Craig after completing school spent two years in Mining Engineering and then joined the R.C.M.P. when he was 19. In 1987 he married Vonda Taylor of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. They have two children, Sean born in 1988 and Caitlyn born in 1991. They make their home in Regina, Saskatchewan where Craig is still with the force.
As for myself we continued to farm until we sold in 1993 and retired to Hamiota. My wife, Louise passed away in 1994 and is buried in Crandall. We had been married 47 years.
In 1996 I married Janet Lassota of Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan. She has two children. The eldest son, Robert lives in Vancouver, Washington, USA and Chris his wife Fiona and daughter Emily are in Powell River, British Columbia.
We reside in Hamiota and spend several months during the winter in Weslaco, Texas.
I have many fond memories of my life in Crandall.

Hyndman, John and Family
Since the last history, there have been many changes in the immediate John Hyndman family. Laura, the eldest daughter passed away in 1977. Her husband, Charles Tanner predeceased her in 1969. Harvey died in 1981, and was survived by his wife Molly, resided in Winnipeg until her passing, April 1, 2000 and is buried in Virden. Katie and Ada continued to live together in Chilliwack, British Columbia until Katie's death in 1995. Ada recently celebrated her 90th birthday and still resides in Chilliwack. Lawrence and his wife, Pauline, moved from Quebec to Chilliwack where Pauline died in 1993 and Lawrence in 1994. Wes, after the death of his wife, Muriel, moved to Chilliwack and passed away in 1992.
The John Hyndman farm was owned by Ron and Beverely Ann Coveney until 1996. It was sold to Alan King of Hamiota.

Hyndman, Harvey S.
After retiring to Virden, Manitoba in 1967, Molly and Harvey spent many happy years there until Harvey's death in 1981. Molly moved to Winnipeg in 1986 to be near her daughter, Margaret.
In 1977 their daughter Kathleen, passed away and her husband, Rev. James Maxwell died in 1986. Both are buried in Virden.
Kathleen and James' children reside - David in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Ian in Norway House, Manitoba, and Shelagh in Calgary, Alberta.
Margaret and her husband live in Winnipeg, and their three sons are Denis, living in Calgary, Michael in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Alan in Winnipeg.
Molly now has six grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.
Due to ill health, Molly resided in Deer Lodge Care Centre in Winnipeg until her recent passing April 1, 2000 at the age of 96.

Hyndman, Mrs. William E. (Georgina)
Georgina retired from nursing at the Fairview Personal Care Home in Brandon in 1976, and then moved to Virden, Manitoba. She enjoyed her years of retirement by spending time on the farm at Crandall, and travelling to Hawaii, Florida, and Eastern Canada.
Due to poor health, she moved into the Sherwood Nursing Home in Virden in 1995 and in 1997 moved to the Salem Nursing Home in Winkler, Manitoba to be closer to her daughter and son-in-law, Beverely Ann and Ron Coveney.