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History Book


The following information is from page 88 to 91 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Kerr; Kidd; Kirk; Kwiatkowski; Kyle

Kerr, David and Family
By Ken Kerr
Since the last book Dad passed away on January 6, 1988. Mother lives in Lilac Residence in Hamiota, Manitoba.
Clarence lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Lloyd passed away on March 10, 1998 and Doreen on May 31, 1999.
Frieda and I live in Hamiota. I retired from the Rural Municipality of Hamiota December 31, 1986. We just enjoy our grandchildren now. Our daughter, Denise works for Acres International Engineering in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has three children. Maxine is married to Ken Revak and they have four little girls, Kerri, Kennedy, Kelsey and Tianna. This makes five generations. Josh and Karen are still in school.
Ken and Janice have five children. Drew, Mallory and Tanner (twins), Tessa and Jill. Ken works for the town of Hamiota.
Allan lives in Winnipeg and has worked for Woolco and Wal-mart. At present he is the assistant manger at the Garden City Wal-mart.

Kidd, William J. and Edna
(Son of Joseph and Florence)
Life goes on! We moved to Kenora from Dryden in 1953 to work for Batons. Six years later we started our own TV service business, which carried us through the next 26 years until retiring in 1987. Daughter, Irene is in the teaching profession and living in Kenora with her daughter, Erin. Dianne and husband Stephen, both schoolteachers, live in Georgetown, Ontario with daughter Karen and son Ronald.
Edna has been involved with the Kenora Board of Education for 28 years, 14 years as chair person, St. John Ambulance, Red Cross Homemakers, and Girl Guides, as well as being chief bookkeeper for our business.
I have served with the United Services Institute, chief instructor on our local Air Cadet squadron, two terms with the Kenora Hydro Electric Commission. I have been a member of the Lake of the Woods Masonic Lodge for over 20 years, a rich and rewarding personal experience.
Edna and I are long standing members of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 12, and the Kenora Golf and Country Club where we now enjoy the classification and perks of being Super Seniors.
Our journey through life has been a rich and rewarding trip.

Kidd, Zina F.
In the beginning of this little autobiography, I should like to first pay tribute to our wonderful mother. She faced the challenge as a young widow of raising four little children during the Depression in the decade preceding World War II. Only her strong faith in God and prayer carried her through. She brought us up to value Christian principles and to be hard workers. Her example spoke as loudly as her teaching. We thank God for our parents.
Near the outbreak of the War, I began training as a nurse at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At about the same time, our cousin became a student Pastor at a Baptist Church in Winnipeg. He was a good preacher, and taught the Bible faithfully. I understood the way of salvation as he preached, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. My whole life changed. As I continued through my nursing course at the Salvation Army Grace Hospital, I was helped as well to grow as a Christian. Gradually I came to understand that God was calling me to be a missionary in India.
After graduating in nursing, I joined relatives of Mothers' in Vancouver, British Columbia where I took a further nursing course and attended the Vancouver Bible College. Three years later, in December 1946, I sailed from San Francisco, California for India as a missionary nurse with the Canadian Baptist Overseas Mission Board. For 36 years, until 1983, I served there. During furloughs from India, I took another Diploma course in nursing at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and also several courses at Regent College, an Evangelical graduate school of Christian studies on the U.B.C. campus.
Before returning home in 1983, I took a study leave and trained as a Hospital Chaplain at the Vellore Christian Medical College Hospital in South India. This opened the door upon my retirement to 5 1/2 years on the Chaplaincy Staff at U.B.C. Hospital on the campus. Since 1990 I have been actively involved in the work of my church in Vancouver, and I thank God for such a church family and the privilege of service. God has been good to me. May all my remaining days be full of thanksgiving.

Kirk, Mrs. W.R. (Margaret) and Harvey
By Bernice Lewis
At the time of the last history book, Mother was still at home on the farm, but they were unfortunate years, as in March of 1965, she broke a hip, which required two operations to repair and a long recuperation. The following year she broke the other hip- more surgery and recuperation. She had moved to Hamiota, Manitoba for three winters, living in Louise Andrew's home as Louise was spending the winters in Victoria, British Columbia. In the spring of 1973, Mother suffered a broken shoulder. She returned to the farm once again, but found the big house too much to care for, so she moved into a suite in Park Residence in Hamiota, on July 11, 1973. She enjoyed her life there, and the friendships she made. She continued to be as active in the U.C.W. and church work as she was able. On June 26, 1977, she was admitted to hospital with a severe stomach ailment, and was moved by ambulance to Brandon Hospital on June 28 for possible surgery, but she passed away in the early morning hours of June 29, just six days short of her 83rd birthday.
Harvey continued on with the farm work after our father, Will Kirk died of a blood disorder on April 3, 1949. He was active in Church and community work, and when the farm work got to be too much for him, Rodney and Bernice Lewis rented his land, later buying it, and he settled into retirement. He was still interested in watching the progress on the farm. On July 22, 1985 he died of a heart attack at the age of 62. Margaret, Will and Harvey are buried in the Crandall Cemetery.

Kwiatkowski, David and Linda (nee Dnistranski)
I married David Kwiatkowski from Elphinstone, Manitoba on July 6, 1974 in Shoal Lake, Manitoba. We lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a couple of years after our marriage where we were both employed. Both of us being country bumpkins at heart, we decided that the city life was not for us. We moved to Shoal Lake in the fall of 1976, where David found employment with C.W. McLean Ltd., a GM car dealership, and I with Canada Post.
David worked for McLeans until 1994, at which time the owner retired. Shortly thereafter, he began working for S.H. Dayton Ltd., a local John Deere dealership, where he is presently employed.
I worked as a part-time assistant at the Shoal Lake Post Office until 1996. At that time, I was given the opportunity to become Postmaster, and I am still employed as such. The part-time work was wonderful at the time, as it still gave me precious time to raise our two children. Tara Lynne was born in 1979 and Ryan Ashley in 1982.
Tara is presently finishing her 3rd year at the University of Manitoba, working towards her degree in Commerce. Although Tara's schooling and eventual work will, in all probability, keep her close to a city, her heart is also in the country. She loves horses, dogs and cats, and sitting on her Grandma and Grandpas deck and listening to the quiet of the Crandall country air.
Ryan is presently finishing his Grade 12 in Shoal Lake. Ryan's future plans at the moment are also to attend the University of Manitoba to pursue a degree in Agriculture, as his interest has always been towards the agricultural industry. Whether it was riding the combine with Grandpa or driving grain truck for Uncle Larry, Ryan was always eager to help out on the Dnistranski farm.

Kyle, Patrick and Linda (nee Rudd)
Linda is the sixth child of Les and Alice Rudd.
After graduating from high school in Hamiota in 1972, I went to Winnipeg to train in Medical Laboratory Technology. I worked in labs in Portage la Prairie, Dauphin and Swan River before marrying Patrick Kyle on October 25, 1975. We moved to the airport on Clearwater Lake north of The Pas, Manitoba. Patrick is a Meteorological Technician. He had worked with my brother Larry in the high Arctic. I went to work as a lab tech in the hospital in The Pas.
In November of 1977 we moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Patrick is now a Climate Specialist with the Weather Office. I am working in the lab at the Cross Cancer Institute. We have two children. Kimberley Ann, born in 1980, is a Materials Engineering student at the University of Alberta. Michael James, born in 1984 is in Grade 10 at the Holy Trinity High School and dreams of being a pilot someday.
Our activities include skiing, hiking, orienteering, camping and watching Michael's hockey games.