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The following information is from page 91 to 97 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Larret; Lawn; Lawrence; Lawson; Leary; Lee; Lelond

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Larret, Pat (nee Long)
Patricia Louise was born in 1968. She moved to Winnipeg in 1987. She trained to be an Esthetician at the Winnipeg Scientific School of Beauty. She married Dennis Ronald Larret of Winnipeg on June 30, 1990. They lived in Winnipeg and had two daughters, Brittany Nicole born in 1991 and Amanda Michelle born in 1993. In 1994 they moved to an acreage near Birds Hill, Manitoba. Dennis and Pat separated in 1995. Pat currently lives on the acreage with Doug Larret. Doug works as an Alarm Technician and Pat works at the Shell station in Birds Hill. Pat and Doug have one son, Aarron Douglas Francis, born in 1996. Pat enjoys raising her family, her horses, dogs and cats, as well as tropical fish and birds.

Lawn, Jack and Margaret
In December 1971, we moved from our Crandall farm to the Skinner farm in the Rural Municipality of Hamiota, as Margaret's parents had retired and moved to Hamiota. We continued to farm the Lawn family farm at Crandall.
Our sons, Kenneth and Allan, took all of their education at Hamiota, graduating from Grade XII in 1985 and 1987 respectively. During their school years, they were involved in volleyball, soccer, curling, and also played minor hockey. We enjoyed many years of going to see their games near and far. They each took a two-year course in Farm Machinery Mechanics at the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon after completing high school. Kenneth graduated in 1987 and Allan in 1989.
After their years at college, they each in turn returned home to start farming with their Dad. Eventually they each purchased some more land from Eddie Kirk and started to build up their own cow/calf operation.
In December 1990, Ken decided to move into his grandmother's house in Hamiota to live, and married Evelyn Joyce Saban of Souris, Manitoba on July 3, 1993. Presently they live in Hamiota. Evelyn owns and operates her own hair dressing business, "The Hair Studio" in Hamiota.
On August 29, 1994, Ken and Allan's crops at the Crandall farm sustained a high percentage of hail damage due to a storm that passed through the area during the wee hours of the night. Then another devastating hailstorm passed through our area here in the Rural Municipality of Hamiota on August 29, 1995, leaving a trail of destruction for miles. Our crops were hailed 100% plus a lot of damage to the house, farm buildings, vehicles, machinery and shelterbelts. Hours were spent cleaning up the debris and fixing what could be repaired.
Jack and Margaret moved to Hamiota in October 1995. Our youngest son, Allan, married Deanne Rhonda McKay of Newdale, Manitoba on October 14, 1995. They live on the family farm three miles west and three miles north of Hamiota. Deanne is a registered nurse and nurses at the Neepawa Hospital.
In 1995 and 1997, Ken skipped his curling rink of brother Allan (third), Dave dark (second) and Randy Lints (lead) to win the Zone 10 Men's Playoffs, which entitled them to compete at the Safeway Select Provincial Men's Curling Championships in Winnipeg and Morden respectively. Then in 1999, Allan skipped the rink of brother Ken (third), Dave dark (second) and Dale Brooks (lead) to win the Grand Aggregate at the Brandon Men's Bonspiel with 14 consecutive wins to capture the provincial berth to the Safeway Select Provincial Men's Curling Championship in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Then in 2000, they won the Zone 10 Men's Playoffs to compete at the Safeway Select Provincial Men's Curling Championships in Brandon, Manitoba. In 1997 and 2000 they were pleased to be one of the top 8 teams to qualify for the Safeway Select Championship Playoff round.
In 1996 Allan's mixed rink of Pam McTavish, Dave dark and Deanne Lawn won the Zone 5 Mixed Playoffs to go to the Manitoba Mixed Curling Championship in Winkler, Manitoba, making it to the semi finals of the "B" side. This year, 2000, Ken's mixed rink of Megan Bond, Neil and Sheila Gregory won the Zone 5 Mixed Playoffs to go to the Manitoba Mixed Curling Championship in Virden, Manitoba.
Allan and Deanne have a daughter, Chelsea Breanne, born in 1998 and a son, Brendan Taylor, born in 2000. They were both born at the Brandon General Hospital.
We have lived now for 4 1/2 years in Hamiota, but our grass roots are still on the farm, as Jack still farms and helps out where he can. He also enjoys curling, golfing, pool and the occasional game of horseshoes or bowling, while Margaret enjoys gardening, cooking, baby-sitting and helping out with a few community activities.
Over the years we have enjoyed many camping and fishing trips with family and friends, plus trips to Florida, Weslaco, Texas, Arizona and many other US states, Hawaii, Western Canada and Eastern Canada to Ottawa.
We hope to be blessed with many more healthy years, which would enable us to do more traveling.

Lawn, Sidney and Mabel
Mabel was in the Virden Hospital with a broken right leg when Sid was admitted on December 20, 1966, having suffered a stroke. Shortly, he was moved into the same ward as Mabel until he had another stroke that took his life on Friday December 30, 1966 at the age of 72 years, the day after Mabel's 80th birthday.
Mabel was soon able to return to her home at 1245 -7th Avenue in Virden, Manitoba and lived there alone until March 1973 when she moved into the Virden Sherwood Senior Citizens Home. She lived there for several years and enjoyed taking part in games, cards and table shuffleboard to help pass the lonely hours until December 1981. At this time she was admitted to the hospital again in Virden and passed away on January 15, 1982 in her 98th year.
The funeral service was held at the St. Mary's Anglican Church, with Rev. Condo of Virden and niece. Rev Joyce Dickin of Regina, Saskatchewan officiating. Internment was made in the family plot of the Crandall cemetery.
Daughter, June (Lawn) Anderson and her husband, Holger had four children: Eric born 1950, married Henna Harska from Finland in 1978. They have one son, David born in 1978. Lynn Anderson married Kim Wilson in 1975 and has one daughter. Crystal (1973) and two sons, Stephen (1976) and Andrew (1981). Crystal has three sons, Christian, Jordan and Kane.
Kenneth Anderson, born 1955, married Nicole Leveque in 1977. They have two daughters, Melinda (1979) and Christie (1981). Ken is an engineer for Canadian Pacific Railway.
Evelyn was born in 1958. She married Claude Dandonneau in 1976 and has a daughter, Catherine (1979) and one son, Jean-Paul (1981).
Holger and June celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1998. Holger retired from the C.P.R. in 1986 and June from nursing in 1974. They enjoy travelling and camping in a pop up tent trailer. June is still a Sunday school teacher in Winnipeg.

Lawrence, Bertram K and Mary V
Submitted by Lena Lawrence
Continuing from their history from 1970 is as follows.
They became involved in the Golden Age Club held in Miniota each month, making many new friends. About this time Bert began buying model horses, making harnesses for them, then fashioning buggies wagons, sleighs, etc. to which they were hitched. Everything was made by hand even to the tiny links of chain for the harness.
His wife Mary designed the clothing, with some help from their granddaughter Diana Miller, for the dolls. All were done to scale and looked very authentic. In summer they decorated their car with several horse drawn outfits and attended many fairs over the years, winning prizes and recognition for their efforts.
Bert Lawrence continued farming on a smaller scale for a number of years, well into his eighties, a lifestyle he enjoyed. He and Mary made several trips to B.C., the U.S.A. and Ontario in later years. It was on their trip to Seattle Washington that he bought his first model horse, the beginning of his hobby. He had decided that if he were to have a hobby, it should be based on farm life, with which he was familiar. They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in 1980.
They were travelling by train to Lethbridge, Alberta when Mary suffered a heart attack. She was taken to the Regina Plains Hospital, where she passed away on May 3, 1981. She was buried in the Crandall Cemetery.
Bert continued to live on the farm until May of 1982, when he moved into Lilac Residence in Hamiota, Manitoba. He attended church in Crandall but also took part in a weekly Bible study in Hamiota. The old time dances held in Crandall during the winter months continued to be a source of enjoyment for him as well.
Bert enjoyed gardening and took great pleasure in his flowerbeds around his suite, winning several prizes for them in the senior class from the local horticultural society.
He spent a little over 10 years in Lilac Residence with help from family and home care in the latter years. Due to failing health, he became a resident of Birch Lodge Personal Care Home where he lived for 11 months. He continued to enjoy his surroundings, activities and especially enjoyed the old time dance music, never missing a chance to join in the dancing, well into his 99th year.
He passed away in Birch Lodge on January 8, 1993, surrounded by family members in his 99th year and was buried beside his wife, Mary, in the family plot in Crandall.

Lawrence, Ivan and Lena
We still live in the farm at NW 11-13-25 and enjoy our home and surroundings. We have more time to work and develop new flowerbeds and care for the lawn area. I have always liked to grow flowers, but now have Ivan's help as he has retired from active fanning. We still maintain a keen interest in what is happening on the farming scene.
Our sons, Kenneth and David, have taken over the farms formerly owned by us, their grandparents Bert and Mary Lawrence (NE 10- 13-25), and William and Eileen Nankivell (SW 12-13-25).
Our children have moved on in their chosen careers.
Diana married Gordon Miller of Isabella, Manitoba on September 9, 1972 and they live in Brandon, Manitoba. They have two children, Sean and Tania.
Ronald married Doreen McBain of Hamiota on June 11, 1977 and they also live in Brandon. They have two children, Melanie and Mark.
Donna's marriage to Dale Brown of Oak River, Manitoba took place on June 24, 1978. They farm in the Oak River district and have three children, Erin, Amanda and Ryan.
Kenneth, before returning home to farm, spent two years in southern Alberta, working on farms and doing some housing construction. Ken lives on the home farm. He is gradually adding more cattle to his operation and has sown land that formerly grew wheat into grass. He grows mainly oats, barley and canola at this time. Ken enjoys working on his computer and is an avid reader.
David married Sherry Thompson of Hamiota on August 21, 1982. They have four children, Michael, Scott, Kelly and Kaitlyn. They live in the home formerly owned by David's grandparents, Bert and Mary Lawrence.
We have always taken a keen interest in being involved with our church and community. We were both Presbytery representatives for quite a few years. Ivan was Sunday school superintendent for fifteen years and church Treasurer for the past thirteen years.
I was a member of the W.I. and U.C.W. for many years until they disbanded. I served on the Prairie Christian Training Centre board in Fort Qu'appelle, Saskatchewan for seven years.
Old time pattern dancing has been and continues to be an enjoyable pastime during the winter months. Through them, we enjoy the friendship of many people sharing the same interests.
Our eleven grandchildren are a source of great pleasure as we watch their development. The eldest, Sean and Tania are graduating this year from the University of Manitoba. Our family all live within 60 miles of home so we see them often.
We look back over the years and wonder where they have gone. So many changes have taken place in that time span, and we wonder, despite the gamble of farming, that perhaps we were lucky to have raised our children in a seemingly less stressful time, or so it seems now, what with all the new technology and the computer age.

Lawson, Hugh
Hugh & Iris Lawson Hugh Donald George Lawson was born in Balcarres, Saskatchewan in 1917. As an infant he moved with his parents, Joseph and Jannie Lawson, to the Crandall district.
He took his schooling in Crandall, taking part in sports and various activities throughout his growing years. He worked with his father, and drove many miles in an open cutter in the wintertime taking Dr. Fraser to aid those who were ill.
In 1942 he enlisted in the Navy. He married Iris Wait of Waldron, Saskatchewan. On being released from the Navy in 1946, he bought a farm at Oakner, Manitoba. He was also active as a lay minister in the Anglican Diocese of Brandon. He served in many parishes throughout the Diocese. He retired from farming, moving to Hamiota in 1987, where he continues with his lay ministry, serving in the Diocese in many capacities through the years. He serves at Christ Church in Hamiota, the two seniors' homes in Hamiota, and Morley House in Shoal Lake on a regular basis. He is also active in Anglican Memorial Camp.

The Lawsons in the Navy Days His family includes Leslie and Betty- children (Clint, Linda, Roger) Leigh and Bruce Fraser (Donald and Shaune) Robert Edward- deceased, Rick and Karen Lawson (Travis, Tracy, Shannon) Rhonda and Murray Eastcott (Julie and William) Colin and Evie Lawson, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
He enjoys his garden (vegetable and flowers). At Christmas time he enjoys telling the Christmas story with lights along with his neighbours, thus helping to make a beautiful entry to Hamiota.


Leary, Barry and Jacqueline (nee Vance)
I was born in 1942 and lived in Crandall until 1959 when my parents, Russell and Pearl Vance, moved to Alberta where I finished high school and Business College in Calgary.
I married Barry Leary of Calgary, formerly of Miniota, Manitoba in 1963. Our daughter Heather Ann was born in 1967 and our son Scott Raymond in 1971.
In 1992 Heather married Cameron McCulley of Calgary where they now reside. They have a daughter, Amy Lyn born in 1996.
Scott presently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba and married Marsha Wojtowicz of Dauphin, Manitoba on August 12, 2000.
Russell Vance passed away on December 2, 1980 at age 77 and Pearl Vance (Angus) passed away on November 1, 1993 at age 86. They are both buried in the Crandall cemetery.
Pearl has two surviving sisters, Shirley Richardson of Miniota, Chris dark of Westlock, Alberta who just celebrated her 90th birthday, and a stepbrother Wallace Warren of Brandon, Manitoba.
My memories include singing in the church choir, practicing for festivals at Hamiota, belonging to 4-H Crandall Careful Clippers learning to sew, spending time at the rink figure skating, curling, watching hockey games, travelling to Brandon on shopping excursions and attending Brandon Fair.

Lee, Charles Ralph Jr. Family
I was born in Hamiota in 1942 the second son and fourth child of Charles R. and Winona. Having been named after my father, I became C.R. Jr. My first few years were spent on the farm west of town, but when father retired for the first time, we moved into town in the early 1950's, father having purchased the Fred Young house. Father was always involved in farming and with cattle, so it wasn't long until he purchased another quarter section, which was about enough to keep two boys busy in those days. Growing up in a small town was a wonderful experience, as we knew virtually everyone, and each town in those days had decent athletic facilities. I was fortunate to be raised in an era where there were enough boys of approximately the same age as I in the area to form some pretty good teams in baseball, hockey, football, and curling. We were fortunate to win several Regional and Provincial championships in hockey and baseball over the years, and in 1957, as a member of the Oildome All Stars, the league all star team became Canadian champions. In recognition of that championship, the team members, management and coaches (of which father was one), were made members of the "Order of the Buffalo Hunt', Manitoba's highest honour. Living in town, both my brother Don and I were newspaper carriers. I handled the Winnipeg Free Press for some six years. Not only did this give us some business preparation; it kept us in spending money during this time of our youth.
I graduated from high school, and in 1961 joined the Royal Bank of Canada at Rivers, Manitoba. While there I met Carolyn Wareham, daughter of Bill and Marg Wareham, owners of the Rivers IGA. Carol and I were married in 1963. I left the bank from 1963 to 1969, but was always in the financial services sector. I rejoined the Royal Bank in 1969, and while much of my working life has been spent in Winnipeg, Manitoba we have worked at various other locations throughout Rural Manitoba. In 1995 we relocated to Shoal Lake where I am currently Market manager Business Banking. Carolyn also worked for the Bank for some 30 years, and recently retired as Branch manger at Birtle, Manitoba.
We have two daughters; Barbara married Brett Chapman, lives in Winnipeg and has a four-year-old son, Cory. Karen is married to Randy Steinke, and lives in Beausejour. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Kendall and twin seven-year-old boys, Aaron and Reid. Both girls are employed in the financial services industry; Barbara as Assistant Manager with Canada Trust, and Karen works part time with the Royal Bank of Canada in Beausejour.
Growing up, the outdoors was a big part of my life, and I still like to hunt and fish. I still get back to Crandall for this past time, and as well, still have family at Crandall. I look back fondly to my youth in a small-town, and feel very fortunate to have been part of a wonderful community.

Lee, Don and Mardie
There have been some changes since the last Crandall Chronicles was published.
My father, Charles R. Lee passed away November 1976. Mom moved to the seniors' residence at Hamiota where she enjoyed her later years. She took driver training and got her license, and thus was able to drive other seniors to bingo, fowl suppers, shopping etc. This was when she was 70 years old. Mom passed away November 1986. She really enjoyed her suite at the seniors' complex, and all the friends she made there. She was the correspondent for the local paper, a task she thoroughly enjoyed, and it showed her keen sense of humour. Mom and Dad are buried in the family plot in the Crandall Cemetery.
Mardie's mom, Geraldine Steen, and Ken Smith sold their farm at Pope in 1980 and moved to Hamiota where they built a new house and have enjoyed their retirement years. Ken A. Smith passed away March 4, 1997 and is buried in the Scotia cemetery in the family plot. Geraldine still lives in Hamiota where she keeps a watchful eye on her great-grandchildren's sporting activities.
Mardie and I built a new home on the farm in 1974 which was a big undertaking for us, but with a lot of help from friends and neighbours, we got it done and have thoroughly enjoyed rural life; it seems like we are always building something.
Our oldest son, Gordon, farms with us. On October 3, 1987, Gord married Sandra Leithwood of Brandon, Manitoba. They have two children, Jamie and Jordon. Both are active in all sports. Each play hockey on various teams, so it keeps the parents busy as well as Grandma who doesn't miss many games. We were very proud of Jordon who played with the 11 and under Hamiota Red Sox who won the Manitoba Provincial Championship in 1999, as well as his Dad who coached the team. It always seems better to win out over larger towns and city teams.
Sandra is a Nurses' Aide at Hamiota Birch Lodge, a position she has had for several years. Our youngest son, Brian is married to Cathy Wasylyshen. They live in Toronto, Ontario, and Brian has a son Matthew by a previous marriage. Matthew is seven. Brian, at present, is senior buyer of ladies wear for Zellers and Cathy works in Civil Services with the Federal Government. They enjoy the big city and all it has to offer, but it seems a pretty fast pace to an old farmer.
Gord, Sandie, Mardie and I presently run fifty to fifty five cows and farm fifteen quarters of land. On January 1, 1999 Mardie retired form nursing at the Hamiota District Hospital; she had been an L.P.N. for 34 years. Many friendships developed with fellow nurses and doctors, as well as patients and their families in this length of time. She really enjoyed her time as a nurse, but is also enjoying her retirement, hoping to do more golfing, fishing etc. So far she has taken on another acre of lawn to look after.
We both enjoy fishing and golfing. We generally spend some time each summer at the Lake of the Prairies. It is close by and the fishing is fairly good. I also am involved with a group of fellows who go north to some remote lakes each year. This really spoils you for fishing around here.
Hunting in the fall is also a favourite past time. A group of friends and family have gone to Saskatchewan to hunt geese, and I think this has been going on for 35 years. Many good memories and friendships have developed, also some great stories. My mother's brother, Ralph Marlow, of Swift Current, was the one to get us started going out there. We had an old farmhouse rented at the far end of Diefenbaker Lake. This is the start of the Mississippi flyway for migrating geese. We have had people from different areas join together for a few days of hunting; most of these groups were Crandallites or associates. Deer season is also a fun time and we have great memories of years gone by. We get enjoyment out of each of these seasons, and maybe that is one of the reasons life has been so enjoyable.
We have truly been blessed with good health, good friends and good neighbours, and look forward to many more years.
We have been to Hawaii twice and intend to retire there, but so far our lottery ticket hasn't paid off.

Lelond, Homer and Florence
Homer Lelond was born at Miniota, Manitoba the fourth child of five sons and two daughters born to Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Lelond. He received his education in Glenlochar and Miniota schools, was fond of sports, and played baseball.
After leaving school, he worked on farms and at various other jobs, and in 1929 took over the barbershop and poolroom in Arrow River.
On October 22, 1936, Homer married Florence Wallace, youngest daughter of Mrs. R.B. Wallace of Arrow River. They started farming on 8-14-25, and continued to farm until they retired. They lived on the farm until Homer's death in 1980. During their retirement, they spent eight winters in Weslaco, Texas, at Pine to Palm Trailer Park. Florence moved to Brandon in 1980 and lived in Brentwood Village and in 1999 moved to Killarney. Florence has continued to spend her winters in Texas and has just returned from her 29th winter in the south.
Homer and Florence had two children- Wallace born in 1937 and Christine, born in 1940. Both children received their education at Crandall school.
After leaving school, Wallace went to Brandon where he tried several jobs, and finally settled on the Brandon Transit System for his employment. In August 1961 Wallace married Elaine Stephens of Brandon and they have two children-Darren and Melorie. Darren is married and has one child, Mitchell. Wallace passed away on August 24, 1992 and is buried in a Brandon cemetery.
After Chris finished school at Crandall, she took a business course in Brandon and was employed by the Department of Highways until her marriage to Bill Medd of Brandon in December of 1959. After their marriage, Bill wrote his Civil Service exams and became a Conservation Officer and was stationed at the following Manitoba communities; Killarney, Cranberry Portage, Lynn Lake and Snow Lake. In 1981, Bill was promoted to Fire Control Officer and they moved to Thompson, then to Beasejour. In 1988, Bill became the Superintendent of Fire Programs and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. They lived in Winnipeg until his retirement in 1996 when they moved to Killarney. Bill and Chris have three children, Dianna, Lawrence, and Robert. Dianna is married and has one child- Robert. Lawrence is married and has two children, Kolbey and Christopher. Robert is married and has no family.