Crandall Site Map



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1. Bill Cox, M. Hubert, Ed Lewis
2. Teacherage: Mrs. Scott (Bill and Frieda), Principal Duffy.
3. Ebby, Jim Crawford, Rita Crawford, B. Fiddler.
4. Wm. Cowling, J. & F. Shetler.
5. John Hawes, Norm McPhaill, George Taylor, Bill Phillips.
6. Robert Angus.
7. Sandersons, Bennett, Stevenson, Florence Kidd, B. Williams, Les Angus, M. Hughes, Al and Mayme Hirst.
8. Roy Brown, Mrs. Johns, G. Gunson, Bill Padfield.
9. Nixon Warren, Ethel Bell, C.R. Lee, A. Wall, F. Gendreau, Joyce Sealy, Delymer and Mary Johnston, Al and Mayme Hirst.
10. Station Grounds (West to East) Loading Platform, Maple Leaf Milling Company, Stockyards, Northern Elevator (1903), Western Canada Flour (1908), Manitoba Pool Elevator, Ogilvies (1901),J. Smith and W. Lorimer first buyers) Coal shed., Winnipeg Elevator Company. (B.A. Oil and Esso Bulk Station built on site later).
11. South side of Assiniboine Avenue (East to West). Hamilton Scales, Section House (Only residents, John and Tena Kolac), Bob Brown's Scales, Fire Hall, Tennis Courts, Bowling Greens, Station: Agents Mr. Chater, Milt Stevens, Dick Malloy, Bill Stone, Ernie O'Hara (1917 to 1944), Bill Campbell, Elmer Avery, Jack Hughes, Section Houses.
12. Dr. & Mrs. Crandell, Mrs. Goddard, Vradenburghs, Steve Patrick, Bill and Irene Harcus, Jim Bacon, Higgins, Masons, John Gunson.
13. Joe Lawson.
14. Alf Mair- Bakeshop, Hubbards.
15. Jim Warren, Florence Kidd, B. Kerr, E. Lewis, Walter and Vera Long, Mr. and Mrs. S. Groves.
16. Livery Stable - Jim Warren, Charlie Gray, Joe Lawson.
17. White Rose Gasoline - Charlie Cartwright. Current site of Herald and Helen Hall residence.
18. Store - Post Office - Ice Cream Parlor - Pool Room - Barbershop (Residence above store). Owners: G. Elliott (managed by Joe Jordan) 1899 - 1903, Lorimer and Brown 1903 - 1907, H. Brown and Russell Warren 1907 - 1909, MCosh 1909 - 1910, Denner 1910 - 1916, Jack Clark 1916 - 1956, Claude Bomford 1956 - 1959.
19. Meat Market: Tom Rowles 1910 - 1915, Ted Bolton, Mac Angus.
20. Blacksmith Shop, then Boarding House on site. Boarding House Owners: McMahon, James, Noble, J. Todd, Robinson, Leam, A. Rowles, B. Whitney. Converted later to a Card and Poolroom by C.R. Lee and Ted Shier.
21. House in which Joe Lawson lived. Jim Byng made it in to a cafe and Ice Cream Parlor. It was converted to a Shoe Shop by Mr. Mabley who also lived on the premises (1935 - 1938). Frank Skorka owned the building and business (1938 - 1947).
22. General Store: J. Todd (1900 - 1940) Jack Pressman (1940s) Later Dibblees. Store then converted to a cafe by G. Honey with subsequent owners, Lee Bradley, John Dnistranski.
23. Massey Harris Building: Peter Murdock, Milt McConnell.
24. Imperial Oil and International Dealership: William Cowburn.
25. Telephone Office.
26. Harness Shop: Joe Quinn.
27. Medical Office: Dr. Fraser.
28. Massey Harris: Bill Budd (1902 - 1932).
29. Northern Crown Bank and Royal Bank (1906 - 1932). Converted to Store: Jim Byng (1932 - 1946), Herald Hall (1946 1947), Morgan Johnson (1947 - 1962), Cadawallader (19621965), Harvey Reevie (1965 - 1967), Ken Page (1967), Neil and Sheila Wallace (1967 - 1975), Doug and Darlene Long (1975 1977).
30. Hardware Store (Residence Second Floor): Bob Brown, Roy Brown, M. Curll, M. McConnell, Robert Kitz, Len Strachan, Steve Spack, Walter Moroz.
31. Tinsmith Shop: Cecil Collyer. (There was a morgue behind this building).
32. B.A. Oil and Barber Shop: Cliff Lyng.
33. John Deere Dealership: James Crawford, Levins, Tom Doran, Lorne and Delymer Johnston.
34. Hamilton Machine Agency and Post Office, Bob Schoch's garage.
35. Lumber Yard: Tom Hamilton, Lorne Johnston.
36. Garage: Gillis and Warren, George Davis, Bob Schoch, Jim Walker.
37. Johnny Smith (House moved - new house brought in), Ed Webber, Ernie Carnegie.
38. William Murdock, Lawrence Nelson.
39. George Angus, Murray Bray, Rudy Goertzen.
40. Charlie Gray, Steve Patrick, Herald Hall, Donald Thomas.
41. Cam MacDonald - Green shack behind), Mrs. Pedan.
42. Tena Kolac, Cliff Shaw.
43. Charlie Cartwright, Kreagers, Ryerson Badgelay. Boarding House: Allan and Marg. Stevenson, Garnet Johnston, Stan Sylvester.
44. Jail. It was moved to the NW of 11-13-25 & was converted into a house in 1952. This became Ivan & Lena Lawrence's new home, it was added onto in 1961 & again in 1967. There son Ken & partner Debbie, now live in it (2017).
45. Orange Hall (Moved to Matt McLean's)
46. Blacksmith Shop: John Beckett, Arnold Hamilton. Theatre built on site, now Community Centre.
47. Blacksmith Shop: Welsh, William Irvine, H. Petch, Williams Brothers, B. Padfield.
48. George Padfield.
49. Mrs. J. Mitchell, Jesse Shier, Clarence Shier, Joe Lawson, Claire Thornton.
50. Jim Todd, Cliff Lyng, David Henderson, Bob Hirst.
51. Bill Black, John and Mary Murdock, Florence Kidd.
52. G. Cornish, WJ.. Robinson, Gordon Doupe, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Richardson, David Richardson, Cliff and Jean Gray, M. and L. Robinson.
53. Steve Robus, Bill Prysiazniuk, Velma Thornton, Bob Hirst.
54. Jim Murray.
55. Kerr's, Sam Shier, Ethel Bell, Ted Shier, D. Taylor, Steve Swan, Wilf Monkman, Ray & Hazel Brunette, Jason & Michael Wurtz.
56. Clarence Webb, Mrs. Ross, Joe Lawson.
57. Methodist Church - Now Crandall United Church, Dia Beverly Watts.
58. Bill Budd, CIiff Lyng, Norman Hope, Iris Lawson, Mrs. J. Todd, John and Amanda Hazelwood, Cyril Kelly. This house was moved to Eastcott's farm. New dwelling moved to site (Former Carlingville School, later Crandall Elementary School): Morgan Johnson, Bob Schoch, Velma Thornton.
59. Ed Mark, George and Olive Dibblee, Walter and Vera Long.
60. Mrs. Forester, S. Littlejohn, Wes Runchy, Walter Long.
61. Crandall Community Rink.
62. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Collyer, Ed and Edna Babiuk.
63. George and Gertie Padfield.
64. Kaskiews, Herman Warren, R. Schoch, Cecil Collyer, John Shearer, Don Elliott, Grant Hyndman, Fiddlers.
65. Wes Runchey.
66. Bunk House: Ike Walker, John Shearer.
67. Bill Walker.
68. Florence Kidd, Welschs, Padfields, Earl McMillan.
69. Albert Warren, Herb Johnston, Wallace Hyndman, Garnet Johnston.
70. William Douglas, Ted Potts, Cedric Lee.
71. Schools. Birdtail School Division Office.
72. Manse: Ministers William Bill, William Brady, Carruthers. (Later residence of John and Amanda Hazelwood)(Fowlie Family)
73. Teacherage: G. Dibblee, Sam Bryan, Bill Davison, Nelson Henderson, John Cable, Penny Goertzen.
74. R.L. Dickey, Thelma Hunkin, Len Strachan, Angus and Olga McKinnon, Scott Preston, V Mann.
75. Jim Douglas, George Dibblee, Elmer Douglas, Neil Doupe, Julie Eros.
76. Susan Wallace, Harvey and Molly Hyndman, Peter and Laurel Burr, Darlene Reid, Ken Hunkin, Stan Sylvester, Kevin Hunkin.
77. Albert Todd, C. MacDonald, Fred Amy, Denners.
78. Edson Doran, John and Ada Hyndman, Ernie Warren, Wallace and Winnie Hyndman, Larry and Eileen Dnistranski, Bob and Lorraine Hirst, Dreidgers, Audrey Fenty.
79. J. Young, Fred Young, Charlie and Winona Lee, Neil and Ruth Green, Claire and Vema Thornton, Bill Higgins.
80. Bob Douglas, Robert Schoch, Sr., Dave Collins. (Behind this house was a bachelor that raised chickens).
81. Lane to Sports Grounds.
82. Cenotaph.
83. Mrs. Borland, Herb and Violet Smith, Delymer Johnston, John Norrie, Don and Mardie Lee.
84. Mrs. Lyons, Eddy Henderson.
85. Joe Quinn, Malcolm Grant, John Irvine, Sonny Elliott.
86. Mr. James, Ella Robinson, William Brothers, C. Dickey, Cliff and Stella Lyng, Kinguers, Jim Walker, David Lipscomb.
87. Campbells, Dr. and Mrs. Fraser, Ernie Barnes, Barry Angus, Laurel Burr, McKeevers.
88. Railroad Tracks.
89. Tom Hamilton, Lorne and Ida Johnston, G. Kline, Alex Robb, Jim and Eva Morrison, Gerald and Diane Kirk, Stan and Carla Sylvester, Jerry and Judy Berry.
90. Closed in rink for school vans and buggies.
91. Roy Brown's Mink Ranch.
92. Tom Hamilton, Bill Coburn, Stan Tutkaluke, Ken Page, Doug and Darlene Long, Linda Lee Long.
93. E. Phillips, Bees, A Irvine, Myrtle Wilson, Doug and Darlene Long, Post Office, Kyle Brown.
94. Dr. Fraser, Jake Johnston, Leonard Johnston, Delymer Johnston.
95. Ida Miller, Ed Vance, Russell and Pearl Vance, Edie Babiuk.