Bench Plaques

Wakamow Bench Plaques
(Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Don of

NOTE * this map is out of date, not all benches are marked *
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James Gill Friends of Wakamow Mac and Joyce Clarke Mac and Joyce Clarke Bill & Grace Hanevelt Mavis & Jim Graham Frank & Linnen Cedergren Eve King Doug Sastaunik Doreen and Thomas Mowers Barrie Dowse Violet Shook Neil L. Andrews Peggy Rosso Lillian Holman Judy McNaughton Jack Wills Donna Duke Timothy David Dyck The Hembroff's Bench The Cushway Bench Muriel Banham Neithercut Dewhurst (nee Tozer) Judy & Orest Wasylyk Kevin & Amy Holman Katlyn & Kagan Meier Dennis Morrison Florence MacDonald Donald (Bud) MacDonald Lion Al & Bernice Fox Lion Al & Bernice Fox Marg & Dick Springett
(Map from a Wakamow Pamphlet)