Reekie Uplands
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Where the Prairie Meets the Valley

The Reekie Uplands were named in honour of the Reekie family which ran a small dairy here until 1946. That business began in 1912 when the local dairy refused to deliver milk to homes on College Hill. The Reekies began by keeping a single cow for their personal use. The dairy grew as more and more neighbours wanted to buy milk from them.

The untilled pasture land in the immediate vicinity reamains as important habitat for several native plants. These include golden bean, scarlet mallow, Canadian milk-vetch and prairie sage, among others. It is also home to Racemose milk-vetch, considered a vulnerable species.

A safe place. Before settlement, the land from here to Coteau Hills (visible in the distant west) was regarded by First Nations people as a safe place for all. The area became renowned as a place where people could rest, find food and trade medicines. We hope that Wakamow continues to provide serenity and peace to all those who care to explore it. Explore away.
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