TCT Pavillion



Trans Canada Trail Moose Jaw: Name Columns
(North Side: 2016)

(Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Don of

These columns are located on north side panels.
Columns 1 to 4:   Aldous, Dave - Zuk, Terra
Columns 5: Ainsworth, Alice - Zajac, Dorothy Jane
Columns 6 to 7: Aldous, Dave - Zuk, Terra

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1 & 2
Aldous, D. - Dobson, C./J/A
Dunlop, D/R - Lautermilch, D/P


3 & 4
Lautermilch, K. - Rice, W.
Rowe, R. - Zuk, T.


Ainsworth, A. - Zajac, D.


6 & 7
Aldous, D. - Lautermilch, D/P
Lautermilch, K. - Zuk, T.






North Side Upper Right Panel
Ruthe E. Dare (Rotters); Marilyn Elias; Glen & Wendy Clemens
John Milton McManus; Donald Allan Widenmaier, son Richard, daughter Ursula; Allan and Doreen Dignan