Trans Canada


Trans Canada Trail: Information Sign Text
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Sign located between McCaig Gardens and Maryland Park.

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Linking the Nation While Rejuvenating Moose Jaw's River Valley Heritage

The Trans Canada Trail, located to the south, is the latest in a host of trails to traverse
Wakamow Valley.

For centuries First Nations people used the surrounding hills as their highways to and from this
"valley of peace". During the pre-settlement era, the valley acted as the trail head for a number of
pathways including the Fort Qu'Appelle Trail, the Fort Walsh Trail, the Wood Mountain Trail and the
Red Deer Forks. The Fort Qu'Appelle Trail, located just south of the
Trans Canada Trail, merged at "the Turn" with its western and southern
counterparts. Ironically, the Trans Canada Trail has come full
circle and allows present day travellers an opportunity to pass
"the Turn" on their way to westward adventures.

In the 1950s, the path linking the Devonian and
Trans Canada Trails assumed another interesting role.
Heavily used for courting and revelling, the one time
roadway became affectionately known as Beer Bottle
Hill. The name was probably coined by local youths
who amassed small fortunes cashing in bottles after
warm summer weekends.