North Columns
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TCT Pavillion

Trans Canada Trail Donors Sign (2016): North Side Column 5
(Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Don of


Ainsworth, Alice
Amsden, Barb & White, John
Beauchamp, Lily & Annabelle
Chambers, Milton & Keitha
Chambers, Ray, Rolla & Family
Chartier, Gloria Octavie
Ewanehook, Henry D.
Fenton, Mark
Freidin*, Jack
Hamill*, Jim & Irene
Henry, Edwin ~ Shamrock, SK
Kawasaki*, Tadao
Ketchen, Anne & Fred
Lautermilch, Douglas & Pearl
Lautermilch, Karen Anne
Lewis, Ron & Maxime
Martin*, Henry & M.
McKenzie, Gladys
North, Lawrence
Pegg*, A. Marie
Rice, Keegan Alexander
Ross, Jane Kern
Smith, Bonnie Skeoch
Thomas-Hoy, Eugenie
Vallee*, Ronald
Yaremko*, Terry Albert
Zajac, Dorothy Jane
* denotes "In Memoriam"
* signifie "en memoire de"

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