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Building links between capitals
and between Canadians

      Capital cities across Canada commemorate their heritage
through public places like Wascana Centre, Regina's 931-hectare
(2300 acre) "place for people." The Wascana Centre Act of 1962
resolved that the area surrounding Wascana Lake be known as
Wascana Centre, be dedicated to the public to foster the
development of the seat of government, and be devoted to
recreation, culture, education, and conservation. The resultant
unique partnership between the Government of Saskatchewan,
the City of Regina, and the University of Regina has permitted
this to occur dynamically through the created development and
maintenance agency known as Wascana Centre Authority.

      In Ottawa, Canadian heritage is highlighted on
Confederation Boulevard, the Capital's discovery route. The
National-Capital Commission (NCC), responsible for the
development of Confederation Boulevard, has donated the
benches, lamp posts and waste receptacles in this rest area. They
are identical to furniture found along Confederation Boulevard.

      The NCC promotes national unity by preserving the
heritage of Canada and by celebrating important symbolic links
between Canada's Capital and other capital cities of Canada.
This NCC donation strengthens historic links between the two
sites, reminding citizens here and in the nation's capital of our
common Canadian Sites

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